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  • Tri-anti-effects Surgical Gown(Standard)

  • Tri-anti-effects Surgical Gown(Standard)

Tri-anti-effects Surgical Gown(Standard)

Item No.   KNRSG-1004

A sterile surgical gown worn by a doctor during surgery. Disposable, usually SMS, with long sleeves to protect wrists and forearms

Surgical Gown, Reinforced, Polyethylene Film: 


Product Details

Ant-water, Antiblood, Anti alcohol,Anti-statict feel soft and comfortable,good air permeabilityt Tensile strength is good, no stimulation. light. 

Surgical Gown, Reinforced, Polyethylene Film: The Specialty Gowns have an extra-long, with full-length impervious front panel and 

forearm  areas for extra protection in a sitting position.

Material: 30-70g SMS,SMMS,SMMMS,SSMMS Non-woven Fabric.

Gown Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL or as your request

Gown Closure Style: Adjustable Hook-and-loop Neckline Closure.

Sterilization: EO, or Non-Sterile

Color: Green, Blue, White

Cuff: Knit Cuff or Elastic Cuff

Sleeves  Set-in or Raglan Sleeves.

Application: Operation Room


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