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  • SMS Surgical Gown(Standard)

  • SMS Surgical Gown(Standard)

  • SMS Surgical Gown(Standard)

SMS Surgical Gown(Standard)

Item No.  KNRSG-1001

In key areas of the general operating gown such as the chest and long sleeves, non woven strengthening fabrics are provided to increase the protective isolation effect

Surgical Gown, Reinforced, Fabric, 


Product Details

Surgical Gown, Reinforced, Fabric, Set-in Sleeves or Raglan Sleeves: offer additional fabric in key areas for protection 

for invasive, manipulation-intensive procedures.

Material: 30-70g SMS,SMMS,SMMMS,SSMMS Non-woven Fabric.

Gown Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL or as your request.

Surgical Gown, Non- Reintorced, Set- in Seeves 

Gown Closure Style: Adjustable Hook-and-loop Neckline Closure .

Sterilization: EO, or Non-Sterile

Color of Neckband: Green

Color: Green, Blue, White

Cuff: Knit Cuff or Elastic Cuff

Sleeves  Set-in or Raglan Sleeves

Application: Operation Room

Fabric-Reinforced Surgical Gowns


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