• Ophthalmology Surgical Drapes

Ophthalmology Surgical Drapes

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Product Details

1. Basic Ophthalmic Drape, 52 in. x 56 in.

2. Lightweight fabric.

3. 5 in. x 3.5 in. adhesive incise area.

4. Fluid collection pouch with eye wick.

NameOphthalmology Drapes
Drape TypeOphthalmic
Procedure TypeEENT/Plastic Surgery
Surgical SpecialtyEENT, Head, Neck
Drape TypeGeneral / Procedural
Fabric WeightStandard

For the full range of above-the-shoulders surgery, we`ve got you covered. MedPurest drapes has flexible draping systems that offer enhanced fluid control and increased patient comfort in ophthalmic, neurological and other surgeries involving head and neck.

MedPurest drapes are designed to give you and your patients one less worry and include the following features:

1. Maximum rating for flame resistance.

2. Low-lint generation to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.

3. Eye drapes designed with a unique, U-shaped,fluid-containment pouch that helps reduce exposure during phacoemulsification and other fluid-intensive procedures and may be used for the left or right eye.

4. Product offerings include full or fenestrated incise.


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