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  • Disposable Sheet

  • Disposable Sheet

Disposable Sheet

The raw material of disposable sheet is made of non woven material specified in FZ/T64005-2011,  the quality of nonwoven material should not be less than 18g/ MF; Plastic film should be made of polyethylene material specified in GB/T11115-2009; Absorbent cotton shall be made of absorbent cotton material specified in YY0330-2002.


Product Details

Disposable Sheet

Commonly known as surgical  sheet, disposable Drape etc, SMS material;


1, complete specifications, independent packaging;

2, light, breathable, soft and skin-friendly;

3, three resistant fabric, efficient bacteria isolation;


The product is mainly used for medical examination or bedding, can be used in leisure clubs, medical centers, nursing institutions, beauty centers and other places, a wide range of applications, more convenient.


120cm×120cm, 120cm×150cm, 150cm×180cm, 200*220, 200*240, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

Disposable Sheet


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