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  • Protective Coveralls(Gown)

  • Protective Coveralls(Gown)

  • Protective Coveralls(Gown)

  • Protective Coveralls(Gown)

  • Protective Coveralls(Gown)

Protective Coveralls(Gown)

MedPurest  protective Coveralls(gown) has good moisture permeability and barrier properties, can effectively resist the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, bacteria, safe and convenient to use, can effectively protect the wearer It is threatened by infection, comfortable to wear, good hand feeling, strong tensile strength, breathable and waterproof, no cross infection.


Product Details

Item No.  MDPC-1001

Material: PP non-woven fabric (30g) + breathable film (30g) + glue (3g)

Style:Hooded one-piece protective clothing; zipper type, with elastic bands on the cuffs, trousers and waist, stable sealing performance;

Color: White (blue tape)

Function: Dustproof, Waterproof, Anti-epidemic barrier

Uses: It is generally used in outpatient service, ward, laboratory,, intensive care unit, CDC and other places for important isolation, which can effectively isolate the virus

Features:1.Breathable and sweatproof, safe skin-friendly, soft and comfortable, not easy to deform, environmental protection and sanitation

    2.Moisture permeability, flame retardancy and alcohol resistance

    3.Anti-penetration function, good breathability, high strength, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure

Sterilization: Ethylene oxide sterilization

Medical protective gown is medical protective equipment worn by clinical medical personnel when they contact patients with infectious diseases of type A or infectious diseases managed by type A infectious diseases. The basic requirement is to block harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, so as to protect medical personnel in the process of diagnosis and treatment. Is not infected.

Protective GownProtective GownProtective GownProtective GownProtective GownProtective Gown

Protective Coveralls(Gown)


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