• Biofilm Removal Multi-Enzyme Cleaner

Biofilm Removal Multi-Enzyme Cleaner

Liquid: neutral

Main Ingredients: protease, lipase, amylase, cellulase and other enzymes and degradable surfactants.


Product Details

Product Specifications:

Quickly penetrate into the interior of the biofilm to peel and decompose the biofilm, and inhibit the formation of new biofilm;

Effectively remove all kinds of organic dirt like human blood, tissue, and mucus;

No corrosion and aging effects on endoscopes and various surgical instruments;

Low foam, easy cleaning, and high turnover speed of instruments;

No industrial dyes and fragrances, no residue, healthy and safe.

Cleaning time: 2-10 minutes, the proportion and cleaning time can be adjusted according to the amount of carrying pollutants 

Cleaning temperature: 20-50℃

Order information:

              Name                            Volume (L)             Unit

Biofilm Multi-Enzyme Cleaner    2.5/5/10               barrels


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