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Why Wear Protective Gown(Coverall)?

May. 16, 2020

As you know, our immune system is the only one in charge of keeping us healthy at all times by constantly fighting against organisms present in the everyday environment, organisms such as: bacteria, viruses, among others similar, that are really capable of causing us harm, but nevertheless when we are truly immunocompromised, that is, just when our immune system is weakened for some reason, common organisms immediately become a dawn for us, since it is at that precise moment when the immune system itself it can no longer fight against them, thus leaving our body totally unprotected, before said organisms.

In addition to this, there are also certain diseases or viruses that our immune system cannot completely combat, which means that, yes or yes, our body is sometimes clearly unprotected, such as the covid-19 virus (coronavirus), As everyone knows, it has become a virus that is very difficult to control and is easily contagious. In these cases, wearing isolation  gown is extremely useful to avoid contagion.

It should be noted that both doctors, nurses and other members of the health center staff implement protective isolation, in order to ensure that those patients who have a weakened immune system are not exposed to organisms that, as mentioned above, could directly cause an infection or even serious complications, as nowadays all health personnel recommend that people always have the appropriate protective coverall to avoid getting and / or further expanding covid-19.

In the same way, although we are using the appropriate protective suits, in order to avoid that certain organisms affect our health, we must also clean every surface of our home daily, such as tables, counters, door handles, lighters, among others, constantly clean the floors, wash our hands with plenty of water, soap and then apply a good antibacterial, we must keep our home well ventilated, if possible change the sheets, towels and our clothes daily, among other things.

Nowadays, before going out on the street, especially in those areas where the covid-19 infection is very high, you should go out with the appropriate protective gown, gloves, face mask and shoe cover so that we can avoid getting contagious. type of virus like the one mentioned above, like any other, but as soon as we get home we have to remove all this protective equipment, wash it, bathe ourselves, but also disinfect the whole place again, only in this way can we avoid becoming infected or seriously ill , therefore it is that protective clothing (insulation) plays an extremely important role in our lives and more today, luckily for us today there are already many companies that are responsible for both developing and selling this protective equipment , so that we then have a better chance of always being healthy, which is great for us.


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