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Why Using Disposable Surgical Gowns Is Better Than Cloth Surgical Gowns

Mar. 18, 2023

We know that surgical gowns are one of the essential supplies in every hospital. With the gradual enhancement of people's health awareness, the use of disposable surgical gowns has entered our field of vision. Cloth surgical gowns have gradually been replaced by disposable surgical gowns with the changes of the times. The important reason is the obvious superiority of disposable surgical gowns themselves.

Before use, the weight of the cloth surgical gown is 750g, and the disposable surgical gown is 82g. Soak the two in water, take it out and put plastic on it, so that it does not drip down, and weigh it. The cloth is 1750g 1. One-time is 110g. At this time, the weight percentage of the weight after soaking in water and the weight when not soaked in water is calculated, which becomes their humidity resistance.

How effective the surgical gown is can directly affect the success or failure of the operation. If the surgical gown fails to achieve the isolation effect, it may cause surgical infection and result in surgical failure. Surgical gowns have the effect of isolation on both sides, which can not only prevent the spread of bacteria from the operator to the patient, but also prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria to the operator.

The humidity resistance of cloth surgical gowns is 233.33%, and the humidity resistance of disposable surgical gowns is 13.14%. It can be seen that the greater the humidity resistance, the stronger the water absorption, and the easier it is to be damp, so that bacteria are easy to reproduce and grow, and vice versa. Can block the reproduction and growth of bacteria. Experiments have proved that disposable surgery has good antibacterial performance due to its low humidity resistance. It is worth promoting. The only disadvantage is poor air permeability. To solve this problem, we use dry-laid non-woven fabrics instead of film-coated non-woven fabrics. The chest piece and sleeves use film-coated non-woven fabrics.

Cloth surgical gowns are highly resistant to humidity. Surgeons are prone to dampness when they sweat a little or splashed with blood or water. Bacteria are easy to grow and reproduce in a humid environment. Once the surgical gown is wet, it will lose its barrier effect on bacteria, and the surgical gown will It will lose its effect, so cloth surgical gowns are not easy to promote. Its advantage is good air permeability. The key to medical surgical gowns is to be safe and effective. As for the comfort, it is secondary, so it is very important to choose a surgical gown manufacturer.

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