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Why Do Doctors Use Fabrics To Cover Their Operations,surgery Through A Hole?

Nov. 13, 2018

Before surgery, doctors use a green cloth to cover most of the patient's body.There is a hole in the drapes through which doctors operate on patients.The medical term of a cloth covering a patient is a surgical drapes,or called sterile drape.Its main function is to ensure a stable sterile environment during the operation.However, this is not a common fabrics, surgical drape is used before the high temperature and pressure to sterilize.

It is done mainly to prevent contamination of the wound and infection of the patient during the operation.The greatest fear of infection in surgery is wound infection.Covers the rest of the patient and leaves only the surgical area, which can  reduces the chance of infection greatly.It requires that doctors and nurses in the operating room must follow the procedure strictly. Avoid complications caused by bacterial infection of the wound.Before the operation, doctors and nurses should wear sterile surgical gowns, sterile gloves, sterile instrument cart and hold sterile forceps, sterile towels, etc

This is not a piece of ordinary drape. This drape is a talisman for all surgical operations. It represents the most proud achievement of surgical operations--aseptic technique  First of all, not all the operations, the patients are asleep.There are some operations that require the patient to stay awake throughout, such as Craniotomy surgery.To avoid damage to certain areas of the brain that govern speech, doctors can even operate while talking to patients.Some operations do not require a general anesthetic, only a  local anaesthesia, such as appendicitis surgery, patients can also be awake.But it usually makes the patient fall asleep,because the patient is very nervous.Patients often snore during surgery.The doctor listened snore while he operated.

Therefor ,there's only one reason to put a green or blue cloth on: sterile.Surgery is a very strict procedure.But because surgery is also a kind of trauma, you have to cut a part of the body.As long as there is a wound, the possibility of bacterial infection is unavoidable.When surgery was first developed, a lot of patients died from bacterial infections because of medical technology was unable to be sterile.Mr. Norman Bethune, a proletarian revolutionary, died of a bacterial infection.The infection of pathogenic microorganisms is very frightening.

Nowadays, operating rooms are very advanced,most of them are laminar operating rooms.Try to prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms from the air.Surgical instruments are also subjected to high temperature and pressure or plasma sterilization.Before the operation, doctors should also clean their hands until the upper part of the joint on both sides of the elbow.Also wear a sterile surgical gown, mask and cap, sterile gloves.All of them are to prevent the bacteria from infecting the patient through the surgical incision.Although doctors do very well and surgical instruments are strictly sterilized, if the patient's sterilization is not done properly, all is in vain.Before surgery, the surgeon marks the patient's incision, disinfects the incision and surrounding area.And then we're going to start layer by layer with the drapes that we're talking about.Of course, this drape is strictly sterilized.First a small drape, then a medium drape, and finally the largest one.There are many layers that only show the part of the incision, in order to avoid contamination.Surgical instruments that need to be used can be safely placed on sterile drape.

By the end of the operation, the incision has been sewn and sterile gauze has been covered. Only then can these layers of drape be uncovered.Invisible pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.) are everywhere. Asepsis has saved countless human lives, thanks to advances in medicine and technology.To believe in the power of human,and more diseases must be conquered.You need to make sure that you're operating in a sterile environment, so that you don't get bacterial infection in the wound.

You need to make sure that you're operating in a sterile environment because of surgery can create a wound in the body, so that can avoid wound infection. Regular hospital operating room is laminar flow operating room, need regular sterilization disinfection.Doctors also need to carry out strict sterilization standards before surgery to clean their hands, and also need to wear sterile surgical clothes, wearing masks and headgear, all to avoid bacterial infection.

Before the operation, the surgeon marks the part of the patient's body where the surgery is performed, disinfects it, and spreads the drape over the area where the surgery is needed.It can minimizes the risk of infection and helps the surgeon have an operation through the hole.

The cloth covering the area where the patient needs surgery is named surgical drape.It's ordinary in itself, but it's not ordinary as a medical device.Because it needs to be thoroughly disinfected before surgery, it is a sterile drape.The surgeon disinfects the area and surrounding skin and mucous membranes before performing surgery on the patient's focal area.After skin mucous membrane disinfection, can the doctor begin direct operation?Of course not, because the skin disinfection is a range, it is impossible to disinfect the whole body, and the operating table around and the doctor's surgical gown is not exactly a level of disinfection, so it is necessary to "protect" the surgical area.Because of this, it needs to be protected in the surgical area, so you need to put the surgical drapes on, piece by piece, the sterilized cloth around the surgical area, and finally a large surgical drape.So why is there a hole in the middle of this disinfectant drape on the outside?Of course it is convenient for operation, operation cannot proceed without a hole.So this disinfectant cloth is called a "drape".The goal of locating the drapes is to isolate the sterile area of the surgery from other areas with bacteria.

As we know, it's important to keep a sterile environment during operation.From the moment you enter the operating room, the idea of sterility is always in your head.Before entering the operation, you need to change the slippers and surgical gowns, and then wash your hands. The scope of washing is about 10 cm on the elbow.After washing the hands, keep the hands far away from bacteria and do not touch the clothes, skin and other non-sterile articles in the operating room.Then sterilized patients, but most operations do not require a full body disinfection.It's just an extensive disinfection of the area where the operation is needed.After the disinfection is completed, wash hands again, and finally put on the sterile operating gowns and gloves .It avoids the possibility of contamination by doctors.

But even with these steps, it is inevitable that the doctor will touch the patient's body during the procedure.Therefore, in order to ensure that the surgical area is not contaminated during this process, the possibility of pollution should be isolated by placing a surgical sheet.Generally,It needs to place three layers, namely small sheet, medium sheet,then the large one,leaving only the surgical field of vision.It is aim to create sterile conditions to prevent postoperative infection.As we all know, postoperative infection is the most common complication after surgery.Especially for more complex surgery, postoperative infection may even directly lead to death of the patient.In conclusion, minimizing contamination in the surgical area may be the key to successful operation.It is important that exposing a patient's skin as little as possible.So, it's not because of the fear that the patient will see the procedure, but in order for the operation to go well and minimize the chance of infection.


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