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What Is Surgical&hospital Drape

Oct. 27, 2018

The surgical drapes is a surgical sheet specially designed for surgery on a specific part of a patient. The operation sheet has a hole for a specific surgical position, and the surgeon only performs surgery on the predetermined hole. Use surgical drape to avoid the possibility of cross-infection between the patient and the medical staff to complete the operation with the highest efficiency and best effect; since the surgical drape is designed for special surgery, it is used in the process of use. Not only took care of the patient, but also protected the doctor who performed the operation.


1. Overview of new surgical drapes

Surgery can be said to be a qualitative leap from the use of traditional surgical drapes to modern new surgical drapes. Due to the large amount of new polymer materials and new materials used in the new surgical kerchiefs, it can be used in modern large-scale production and suitable for various conditions and environments. Because it is a one-time use, it protects and prevents patients from being treated. Cross-infection with medical staff is convenient and effective to use. It is a medical consumable commonly used in hospitals in developed regions or countries. 


2. Compared to surgical orders made of traditional woven cotton fabrics, the new surgical drapes have numerous advantages and are unmatched by traditional surgical drapes. There are more than 50,000 hospitals at or above the county level in China. Due to the restrictions of different regional economic conditions and the level of medical institutions, most medical institutions have insufficient understanding of the use and use of surgical drape, which makes the promotion of this product. And use is still at a lower level, difficult to promote, and now there are only a very small number of hospitals in the country using surgical drape.


On the other hand, China's main export products are new types of medical consumables. Therefore, new medical textiles have huge room for development in China.

For the production of surgical drape, it is not free to produce it in an ordinary production workshop. First of all, there must be a good production environment. The general surgical drape  needs to be produced in a clean workshop of 300,000 or above. The production unit also needs to have sufficient quality system certification and mature production management experience. At present, the main surgical towel manufacturers in China have MedPurest and so on. They all have large-scale production sites and strict certifications for the production of surgical drapes in Europe and America, such as ISO13485, CE, and FDA.

On the other hand, the new surgical drape needs to have sufficient raw material support. The main materials for making surgical drape are basically controlled by a few foreign professional companies, such as 3M and AVERY rubber towels; Alstrom And Arjowiggins's paper; KMC, PGI and SAAF SMMMS nonwovens; Dupont's spunlace nonwovens; National Starch's hot melt adhesives, etc., basically these materials are not toxic, no stimulation to the skin, but also The main fabrics are required to have three anti-drugs (anti-blood penetration, anti-alcohol penetration, anti-static) and high hydrostatic pressure resistance. The hydrostatic pressure resistance should reach the relevant indicators; and the liquid absorbing materials attached to the fabrics are different. The performance of the drape and different parts to achieve adequate aspiration standards. Therefore, the production cost of all surgical drapes is mainly concentrated on the main materials. It should be noted that these materials that are recognized in the medical industry all over the world are controlled by large foreign companies. Very difficult; but no good material prices are difficult to break into the market.

3.  Comparison of performance between traditional surgical drape and modern new surgical drape

Early surgical drape were mainly made of cotton. Due to the physical properties of the cotton itself, it is difficult to combine other materials into one, and it can only be a simple shop. However, the complexity of modern surgery requires new surgical canals to be used with various materials according to different functional needs, such as tape, hot melt adhesives, diversion tubes, liquid collection bags, plastic strips, cast film, TPE. Elastic films, absorbent materials, label paper, etc., therefore, traditional textiles have been difficult to adapt to modern surgery.

4. Development of new surgical drape

The new surgical drape with a combination of various materials has high barrier property, so that the body fluid or liquid medicine during the operation flows to the liquid collection bag along the set direction, and does not remain in the surgical site, which affects the operation and does not stick. It can cause pollution or infection on the patient's body or on the surgical drape, and it will not splash the liquid generated during the operation to the medical staff's body. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the patient from cross-infection and protect the medical staff. The safety makes the operation smooth and efficient. In recent years, surgical kits specifically for specific operations have been developed from a single surgical drape. This further completes the standardized operation of the surgery, further reducing the risk of surgery and the probability of infection.

In addition to the special surgical drape in the surgical pack, for the different operations, the surgical pack is also equipped with the corresponding consumables or instruments needed to complete the entire operation, such as surgical gowns, surgical drape, table mats, mattresses, Square plate, gauze lamination, blade, liquid cup, rubber inspection glove, hemostatic forceps, disinfection sponge, cotton ball, disinfection tray, etc., wrapped with SMMMS cloth and sealed in medical dialysis bag, after ethylene oxide Stored in the warehouse after sterilization, it can be put into use at any time.


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