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Tyvek Protective Coveralls

Aug. 27, 2021

Tyvek Protective Coveralls (Tyvek) is a wide range of protective gown manufactured by Tyvek (Tyvek) for use by emergency responders to industrial workers.

Tyvek protective clothing offers the industry's proven most scientific solutions, including the reliable brand 3360Tyvek for dust protection, Tychem for liquid and gas hazardous chemical protection, NOMEX for heat and flame protection, and KEVLAR for cutting and wear protection.

TYVEK protective suit is made of traditional TYVEK polymer coating. It has the strength/weight ratio and softness of TYVEK protective suit, which can completely protect fine and harmful dust, concentrated inorganic acid and alkali and water and salt solution. Protects up to 2 bar pressure from spatter. The Tevetron protective suit (Tevetron) has been proven to protect fluids, blood and pathogens in blood through osmosis tests with blood and virus substitutes.

Function description of Trevek protective suit:

TYVEK protective coveralls mainly includes 3360 TYVEK Disposable protective gown, 1422A Disposable protective coverall, TYVEK disposable chemical protective gown, TYVEK medical disposable protective clothing, etc.

(1) Tyvek protective coveralls - Tyvek disposable protective gown: Tyvek protective clothing is made of 100% HIGH density polyethylene, soft and lightweight quality (weight 336,041 g/m.

2) Breathable waterproof, anti-static, low chip removal, durability, asbestos, glass fiber, lead dust, paint spray, disinfectant/insecticide spray and other solid dust and liquid aerosol protection, suitable for chemical, spraying, pesticide spraying, mechanical maintenance and other industries

(2) Special Protective coveralls - Special protective gown:

* Polymer coating.

* Better physical and mechanical properties, more comfortable inner layer

* Anti-static coating on inner surface

* Double zipper design, easy to wear and take off, more comprehensive protection function, sleeveless design

* 100% particle barrier, prevent the invasion of ultrafine harmful dust, high concentration of inorganic acid and alkali, water-based salt solution * can prevent the invasion of body fluids, blood and bacteria in blood.

* Resistant to concentrated sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide solution and other high concentration inorganic chemicals

(3) Trevek protective suit - Trevek flame retardant chemical protective suit:

At the same time, it has the dual protection function against harmful chemicals and combustion, and the chemical protection function is also flame retardant. The outer clothing is made of glass fiber and other materials, which is composed of aluminum plating, super large screen and 4 exhaust valves. Inside Tichemtk fully enclosed suit, super large screen, front opening, three layers of gloves, projecting back, built-in air respirator (with its own aerial pager), socks, boot protector (requires chemical protection).

(4) David Protective Suit - David Training Suit:

Fully enclosed rear hole, transparent ultra wide screen -0.5mmPVC configuration, adhesive butyl rubber gloves, visceral air respirator.


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