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Types And Uses of Protective Glasses

May. 25, 2020

Safety glasses are a kind of glasses with special functions.

The mirror is also different. Such as outdoor anti-ultraviolet glasses, anti-impact glasses and anti-chemical glasses used in factories,

Surgical glasses for hospitals, welding glasses for electric welding, laser protection in laser engraving

Glasses, etc. Protective glasses are also known as labor protection glasses in industrial production and are divided into safety protective eyes

There are two types of mirrors and protective masks, which are mainly used to protect the eyes and face from ultraviolet and infrared rays

Radiation of electromagnetic waves such as microwaves, dust, smoke, metal and sand debris, and chemical solution splashes

Shooting damage.

1. Types and uses of safety glasses

1. Protective glasses against external impact, mainly used to protect the eyes from metal or sand and debris

Mechanical damage. The spectacle lens and spectacle frame should be strong and resistant to shock. There are edging around the frame, and there should be ventilation holes on it. The protective lens can be toughened glass, colloidal bonded glass or copper mesh protective glasses.

2. Protective glasses against chemical solutions are mainly used to prevent chemical damage to eyes caused by irritating or corrosive solutions. Ordinary flat lenses can be used, and the frame should be covered to prevent splashing of the solution.

Usually used in laboratories, hospitals and other places, general medical glasses can be used universally.

3. Anti-radiation protective glasses, used to prevent the danger of excessive ultraviolet rays and other radiation to the eyes

harm. The lens is made of special glass that can reflect or absorb radiation, but can transmit certain visible light

to make. The lens is coated with a bright chromium, nickel, mercury or silver metal film that can reflect radiation; blue

Colored lenses absorb infrared rays, yellow-green lenses absorb both ultraviolet and infrared rays, and colorless lead lenses

Absorb X-rays and rays. For example, common welding glasses require relatively low transmittance of the lens, so the color of the lens is mostly ink; laser protective glasses, as the name suggests, can prevent the radiation of laser to the glasses, so the requirements on the lens are very high, such as The choice of light source, attenuation rate, light reaction time, optical density, light transmission effect, etc., different nanometer (nm) lasers need to use different wavelength lenses.


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