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The Usage And Disinfection of Sterile Surgical Package

Oct. 09, 2018

Use methods and requirements

1.   In a dry environment, sterile packs are valid for seven days.

2.   Before using, check the name and the date of sterilization of the aseptic packs, whether the pack is loose or moist, and check the color change of the chemical indicator tape.

3.   Place the sterile surgical pack flat on the clean, dry and spacious operating table.

4.   After untying the tie belt and wrapping it, fold it under the back table cover, then pinch the outer corner of the back table cover with your fingers, and then uncover the outer corner, left and right corner and inner corner of the back table cover in turn.If a double-packing sterile surgical kit is used, the lining should be opened with sterile forceps.

5.   Use sterile forceps to pick up the required items and place them in a prepared sterile area.

6.   If the items in the package are not used up at one time, the package shall be packed in accordance with the original crease pattern. The tape shall be bundle horizontally to show the difference, and note the date and time of opening the package, and the validity period shall be 24 hours.If the contents are contaminated, they should be sterilized again.

7.   If the contents of the package are removed all at once, the bag can be held in the hand,and the other hand grabs the four corners of the back table cover and steadily puts all the contents into the sterile area.

Sterile methods:

1. Pressure steam sterilization is the most reliable method.However, those materials such as plastics, glass, sharp scalpel and scissors which are not resistant to high temperature and pressure can be disinfected with chemical disinfectant.

2. Used surgical instruments should be cleaned of organic and inorganic materials.

3. After drying, paraffin oil should be applied to the joint of the surgical instruments.

4. Pack and paste instructions to indicate package name and validity of sterilization.

5. After high pressure, take out the inspection indicating tape and check for color change.


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