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The Introduction of Disposable Obstetric Pack

Nov. 22, 2018

The disposable obstetric pack consists of surgical items (surgical gowns, gloves), obstetric items (leggings, pad sheets, fenestrated towels, blood towels, perineal pads, baby cloth), and omphalotomy pack (umbilical knots, cotton swabs, umbilical cord protective bands, surgical stitches, gauze pieces).

product information

【Application】For used by medical institutions during the delivery operation.

【Features】The material used to make the obstetric surgical packs is nonwoven fabrics, paper, plastic film and fat-free gauze.It has been widely used in clinical and daily life.The product has been sterilized by ethylene oxide,for single use, convenient and practical.

【Usage】Follow the normal operation of delivery operation.

【Storage】Should be stored in the relative humidity not more than 80%, non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated indoor, avoid high temperature.

Principle and Application:The obstetric pack contains three units, among which the surgical items are for the doctor to wear, the obstetric items for the protection of the patients, and the omphalic items for the protection of the newborn.The surgical pack provides the function of isolating, protecting and dressing to the surgeon and the patient.


1.   The appearance of the surgical pack should be correct, the surface should be clean, odor-free, there should be no damage defects.

2.   The sewing or heat seal and fold of surgical pack should be uniform, straight and firm.

【Material Requirements】

1.non-woven: a) mass per unit area ratio:Surgical gowns should be used≥25g/m2 Baby cloth should be used≥30g/m2 the others should be used ≥15g/m2;b)disruptive force:lengthways disruptive force≥10N;crosswise disruptive force≥10N;c)Ventilation Property≥1000mm/s

 d)humidity resistance:The front of surgical gowns dip not less than GB/ t4745-1997 level 3.

2.disposable rubber examination gloves:a)size:It should meet the requirement of 6.1 in GB/T4745-1997:watertightness b)It should meet the requirement of 6.2 in GB10213-2006.

3.Absorbent gauze:a)Soluble substance in water:The total amount of soluble matter in water should be no more than 0.5%  b)loss on drying:

The quality loss shall not be greater than 8.0%;

4.Surgery sutures:The surface of the sutures should be smooth and  homogeneity , without stains or knots;

5.Cotton swab:a)Josephalbert force:The cotton should be able to withstand pulling and not falling off completely.b)Folding resistance:Bamboo stems should be able to withstand 100g pressure for 1min without breaking.

【skin irritation】

The response should be minimal.

【Health indicators】

1、The product should be sterile after an effective sterilization process.

2、After sterilization for 14d, the ethylene oxide residue should be less than 10μg/g.


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