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The Disposable Surgical Gown Could Prevents Viruses-COVID-19?

Apr. 27, 2020

The surgical gown is used by medical staff in clinical operation to prevent the spread of infectious agents between patients and medical staff and the spread of dander on the doctor's body to the open surgical wound surface, playing the role of bidirectional biological protection. The product is a disposable product, which conforms to the health and quality standards stipulated by the world health organization. Cross-use is prohibited, and infectious waste treatment methods shall be followed after use. Disposable sterile surgical  gown should be used by specially trained professionals.


Disposable surgical gown is expected to be used in the operating room of medical institutions. Medical staff in the operating room of medical institutions should try not to touch the angular or sharp objects to avoid product damage and affect product performance.


With the development of modern medicine, medical workers exist due to the influence of working relationship and working environment

Great career risk. They come into contact with toxic and harmful substances or infectious diseases in the course of their medical and nursing activities

A pathogen that can damage health or endanger life. Who definition of standard prevention for health care workers:


The disposable surgical  gown consists of SMS non-woven fabric and PE film


1. Safe and convenient;

2. Economic benefits;

3. Double protection, to protect the patients from the threat of infection and the medical staff from the reverse infection;

4. Comfort;

5. Clean and dry, which can effectively reduce postoperative infection rate;

6, environmental protection and no pollution, the selection of raw materials are clean environmental protection, incineration or landfill treatment can be;

7. Save operation time, and effectively save operation time and operation process time;

8. No fiber loss, no other fiber loss in non-woven products to avoid secondary infection;

9, three anti - alcohol, anti - blood night, anti - static.


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