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The Difference Between Full-surgery Gown And Half-surgery Gown

Dec. 10, 2018

Sterile area:

First, when the surgical gown is thrown up, the inner surface is in contact with the body, and the disinfection of the arm is only on the elbow, so the hand protrudes from the sleeve of the surgical gown. Since the inner surface of the surgical gown is folded, the inside of the surgical gown is contaminated, which may cause an opponent. Pollution.

When the hand is extended -

The semi-packed belt is sagging, and the drooping portion is beyond the lower boundary of the sterile area of the chest. Therefore, after handing the belt, bring gloves.

The all-inclusive belt is attached and located in the sterile area. After taking the gloves first, then untie the knot. (After untidying, let the visiting nurse use a sterile oval pliers or a small partner with gloves to take the belt and turn it around once, then tie it. [The reason is that you turn your own circle because if you are a companion or a tour When the nurse turns the circle, it needs to turn a big circle. The space in the operating room is limited. It is very likely that others will encounter the corresponding items and have bad consequences.


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