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The Difference Between Industrial Protective Cloth And Medical Protective Gown

Jan. 06, 2021

Siamese Industrial protective cloth and medical protective gown belong to the category of chemical protective coverall.

The view is similar, and the protection level is also relatively similar, so it is often mixed by many users.

talk. Of course, the two cannot be mixed, and their performance and characteristics are quite different.

Don’t, mixed use will not only not work, but will also accidentally get hurt

harm. Next, I will tell you the difference.

Industrial protective clothes

The performance requirements of the two are different:

The flame retardancy of protective clothing, because the most serious burns are mainly caused by people

The reason for his clothes on fire, the clothes on fire will cause extensive burns on his body, he is

Is the main reason for the effective recovery of health, so most fire protection

Chemical clothing requires its flame retardancy.

The one-piece protective gown has quite strong thermal insulation and is one of the most important chemical protection properties.

The so-called thermal insulation means that protective gown has better slowing down and preventing heat transfer to the body.

Physically, it allows people to work safely in high temperature environments.

The main purpose of medical protective clothing is to prevent water, harmful or toxic

Of chemicals, blood or body fluids that may carry pathogens, so

It is required to have good barrier properties.

Medical protective suit must have the function of preventing blood, this is because medical personnel

During first aid, people often come into contact with blood and body fluids carrying infectious pathogens.

The protective clothing has the function of preventing blood, which can effectively isolate pathogens and ensure the


Medical protection clothing must also be flame-retardant, and must not be affected by high and low temperature


The use and characteristics of the two are different:

The one-piece protective clothing has ultrasonic welding seams to effectively prevent the intrusion of chemical liquids.

Can prevent a variety of chemical substances. High strength, high flexibility and high stretch make protection

The clothes are more comfortable and durable. Moreover, it is flexible, comfortable to wear and durable. One piece protective gown is suitable for chemical manufacturing, chemical processing, chemical transportation, pesticide spraying,

Food industry processing and other places.

The main function of medical protective coverall is to isolate germs, harmful ultrafine dust, and acid solution.

Liquid, salt solution, keep the environment clean. Use PP (polypropylene, accounting for the total

62%) Non-woven material, special breathable membrane for protective suits, strong breathability, no

Accumulate a lot of water vapor; the surface is smooth, not contaminated with some chemicals, and

Some solid dust will not stick, so it can well isolate many poisonous

Germs; has certain anti-static properties, does not support combustion, non-toxic, non-irritating,

Skin is harmless.


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