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The Advantages of Patient Gown

Jan. 18, 2020

In clinical work discovery, the patient enters an operating room because the body is easy to expose in front of sick friend, family member and staff and embarrassed, also catch a cold easily. However, wearing one's own clothes and ordinary hospital gown into the operating room can easily cause environmental pollution and inconvenience to the operation and treatment. To this end, the design and production of patient gown, after clinical use, the effect is satisfactory.


1. Materials and production


1.1 materials:  cotton cloth or  non-woven cloth for disposable patient gowns


1.2 coat coat made by "V" neck, according to the traditional methods of the Chinese style clothes cutting, the difference is that clothes all garment seam side edge of the cut out more about 10 cm, will grow when sewing the edge of the reflex made lining, garment seam not suture, 20 cm intervals sewn a pair of short chalaza (about 20 cm), garment seam by knot lace-up closure, to facilitate medical personnel to perform the operations at any time to open the garment seam, for venipuncture, anesthesia, the bleeding, etc.


1.3 pants pants built into two pieces. The outside without aperture, the inside of the pants seam and front and rear Hu not suture (here the production of garment seam the coat not suture knot short chalaza) for urethral catheterization, arterial blood, anorectal surgery, lower limbs surgery, such as using, the other in front of the waistband stitching a pair of long lacing (about 50 cm), for the use of different waist of the patient adjust. The surgical patient gown is divided into XXL,xl,l,m,s, for different body types of patients.


2. Usage and application


For the patients who agree to use the patient service, the appropriate surgical service should be selected according to the body shape and condition of the patient. When the patient is received in the morning, the travelling nurse carries the surgical patient clothes after disinfection to the patient's bed, and the person who can take care of himself and does not take the pipe can tie all the knots and wear according to the conventional method. For those who cannot take care of themselves and take pipes, untie the ties according to the condition and conditions of the pipes, and assist the patients to be connected to the operating room after wearing clothes and pants. During the operation, according to the requirements of bed drunkness, operation and treatment, the lacing of clothes and pants should be loosened respectively. For example, patients under lumbar anesthesia only need to loosen the lacing of jacket and waist to expose the sterilized part of anesthesia. The catheterization patient only needs to unfasten the belt of the crotch and expose the catheterization site: after anesthesia, expose the area needed for the operation, such as unlacing or removing the pants. After the operation, the visiting nurse helped the patient to tidy up his clothes and take him back to the ward. The clothes and trousers will be taken back, cleaned and disinfected for later use. If it is disposable, it will be discarded.


Three advantages


3.1 practicality the patient gown and trousers are flaky and knot-tied by the tie, which can be adjusted to be fat and thin at will and expose any part of the body. In addition, indwailing catheter can be perforated from the gap, which is not restricted by indwailing liquid, urinary tube, drainage tube, plaster, splint fixation, etc., and does not affect the operation, treatment and condition observation of the patient, and the tie knot on the inside does not affect the patient's comfort of wearing, which is very popular with surgical patients.


3.2 improved patients satisfaction with surgery patients served in the transport process to avoid the exposure of the body. And medical staff in the surgery, treatment, operation is also need not too much exposure to the patient's body, maintains the patient self-esteem, also can prevent the link for the catch cold patient at the same time, make the patient feel comfortable, reflects the people-oriented, the concept of service for the patient, and from the detail place to get the praise of patients and improve the degree of satisfaction.


3.3 consistent with surgical requirements, uniform disinfection of patient gown is provided to patients, which can not only prevent patients from wearing their own farm pants or wearing the clothes of patients in the ward from contaminating the operation room and cross-infection. And convenient operation, treatment, nursing and other operations. It was approved by anesthesiologists, surgeons and tour nurses.


3.4 easy to popularize and apply


It is convenient to draw materials, simple to make, economical and easy to clean, because there is no group fastener, zipper, it can be sterilized by high pressure steam. If it's a disposable patient gowns, it can also be thrown away.


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