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Summary of The Development of Disposable Surgery Pack Field

Sep. 27, 2018

The definition of disposable surgery pack field.

The disposable surgery pack is only be used once. A disposable surgical bag usually consists of a large back table drape、under buttocks drape and mayo stand cover, In addition, other surgical accessories should be added according to the operation requirements.The under buttocks drape is the core of the whole operation kit. The main characteristics have good water-resistant (anionic non-woven fabric), good water absorption (absorbent non-woven fabric), high hydrostatic pressure, good flexibility, low flocculation, imported adhesive (non-allergic), anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil, and other advantages.

The basic characteristics of disposable operating pack field

1. Time saving and efficiency: the combination pack include all the regular products are needed in the operation which can reduce the preoperative preparation time of medical staff, and wins time for the operation without delay.

2. Cost saving: the routine products required for surgery should be concentrated in a single package, which can reduce cost and save cost more than purchasing each product separately.

3. Safe and reliable: all products of disposable surgical kits are disposable products, which conform to the relevant quality standards at domestic and overseas strictly . The entire production p from raw materials to finished product assembly in the process which is completed in the purification workshop. To the maximum extent to reduce the risk and ensure product safety with strictly controlled sterilization.

The types of disposable surgical bags include upper extremity surgical pack,lower extremity surgical pack, chest surgical pack,kidney surgical pack, laparotomy surgical pack, craniotomy surgical pack, EENT surgical pack, extracorporeal circulation surgical pack, abortion surgical pack, c-section surgical pack, delivery surgical pack etc.

1. Main accessories of surgical pack  for extremity (lower extremity) include lower extremity under buttocks drape,  large back table drape, mayo stand cover , back table drape, legging and op-tape.  lower extremity under buttocks drapes are used in the lower extremity surgery operation. To let patients with lower extremity through the main drape ,in this way, it can become a aseptic operation field, it can prevent cross infection of medical staff and patients, large back table drape can be used as draping and cover drape , it is used to cover surgical instruments , sometimes ,it is also used to cover on the patients body , mayo stand cover is used to cover the instrument table in the operation room , after the surgery ,it is also important for mayo stand cover can be used to put dirt thing , large back table drape is used for package kits, it is used to cushion under patients in the surgery table.


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