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Sterilization Procedures of Surgical Instruments

Nov. 29, 2018

1. Management System of Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments must be sterilized one by one, by high-pressure steam or by high-efficiency chemical sterilization.Check whether the joints of the surgical instruments are sharp and whether the forceps and tweezers are closed regularly.The surgical instruments must be thoroughly cleaned, packaged and sent to sterilization after used. Sterile items must be stored in sterile area counters. The room should be ventilated, dry, clean, dust-free and sundry.Surgical instruments should not be soaked and disinfected with disinfectant as far as possible. If highly effective disinfectant is used, the quality, concentration and soaking time of disinfectant should be guaranteed. The joint of forceps should be opened during soaking.


2. Sterilization of Surgical Instruments


The used surgical instruments should be cleaned of blood stains in the instruments with clean water first.Kick out the suture needle and surgical blade and throw them away without cleaning.If found not close, there are problems with the equipment removed in time, the qualified equipment will be classified.


 Sterilization method: high-pressure steam sterilization method is the most widely used, the effect is reliable.High pressure steam sterilizer can be divided into two categories: lower exhaust type and pre-vacuum type.The latter sterilization time is short, the need for sterilization of the goods slightly harmful, but expensive, not throughout the use.The current widely used in China is the lower exhaust sterilizer, sterilization time is longer.


 Disinfection method: soaking disinfection with liquid medicine.Sharp instruments, endoscopy and other instruments are not suitable for thermal sterilization, can be soaked in chemical liquid disinfection.


Attention: (1) before soaking, to wipe the oil on the device;(2) to disinfect the goods is necessary to immerse all in the solution;(3) the shaft section of the device (such as scissors), the shaft section should be opened;The surface of the tube and bottle should be soaked in disinfectant;(4) before use, need to use sterilized salt water to wash the liquid medicine clean, to avoid the arrangement by the harm of the liquid medicine.


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