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Sterile Single - Berth Method For Limb Surgery

Feb. 14, 2019

1. Objective to expose the minimal skin area necessary for surgical incision, cover other parts of the surgical patient, make the environment around the surgery become a large scope of sterile area, prevent bacteria from entering the incision, in order to avoid and minimize the pollution during the operation.

2. Methods after disinfection of the skin of the surgical site, the sterilizing physician and the instrument nurse should first lay the sterile towel around the operation and then cover the sterile sheet.Major surgery involves covering the whole or most of the patient, leaving only the incision exposed.Generally, at least four layers of sterile towel sheet should be covered.

Lower extremity surgery

1 big hole towel, 4 therapeutic towels, 1 sterile bandage, 4 single ones, taking knee surgery as an example, covering steps: 1.The treatment towel block around the top of the surgical area, fixed with towel forceps.(3) from the hip to the end of the lower limbs, has 2 in the single shop.(4) in a piece of treatment towel placed in the middle of the sheet to prepare to wrap the legs and feet, the package of the leg and foot cloth with sterile bandage wrapped, placed in the middle sheet.

(5) a single piece from the edge of the incision up to spread the big hole towel, the lower limb of the surgical side by the hole stretched out after the surgery to apply the film surgical towel to the incision site

Upper limb surgery

1 big hole towel, 4 therapeutic towels, 1 sterile bandage, 3 single ones in the middle, the procedure of covering the elbow surgery as an example:(2) one piece of treatment towel was wrapped around the inflatable tourniquet and fixed with towel forceps.(3) the treatment towel to prepare a bandage hand and arm, put the arm, and sterile bandage bandage.(4) in a piece of single from the edge of the incision oblique upward to cover the chest and anesthesia frame.(5) block a single from the lower edge of the incision oblique downward to cover the chest and lower body of the patient.6 shop cave towel, surgery side of the upper limb from the hole, expand the cave towel.7 the film surgical towel applied to the site of the incision.


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