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Put on And Take Off The Operating Gown And Wear Gloves to Ask Questions

Jan. 21, 2019

1. What should I pay attention to when wearing aseptic operation clothes?

1) aseptic operation clothes must be worn in an open area between surgeries, and should be replaced immediately upon contact with unsterilized objects;

2) if holes are found in the operating gown, replace it immediately;

3) after putting on the operating gown, if the operation cannot start immediately, the two hands should be inserted into the chest of the special pocket, standing and waiting.

2. What should I pay attention to when wearing sterile gloves?

1) surgical personnel must choose suitable gloves according to the size of their hands;

2) master the principle of wearing sterile gloves: that is, the ungloved hand should only touch the inside of the glove, not the outside of the glove, and the gloved hand should not touch the ungloved hand or the inside of the other glove.

3) gloves should be replaced in time if they are damaged.

3. Why do I need to wear a sterile operating gown and gloves after washing my hands and soaking the disinfectant?

Any method of hand washing can not completely eliminate the bacteria deep in the skin. These bacteria gradually migrate to the skin surface during the operation and rapidly reproduce and grow. Therefore, after hand washing, you must wear sterile operating clothes and sterile gloves before the operation.


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