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Protective Techniques For Medical Personnel During Coronavirus

Jun. 18, 2021

Basic precautions: basic measures that every medical worker must follow.

Applicable objects: all medical personnel in the diagnosis and treatment work (no matter whether there is an epidemic of infectious diseases);

Protective equipment: medical mask, work clothes, work shoes, work cap.

Enhanced protection: In addition to basic protection, strengthen protection measures according to the risk of infection exposure.

Protective objects: medical, pharmaceutical, nursing, technical, industrial and other personnel who may come into contact with patients' blood and body fluids or objects contaminated by blood and body fluids or environmental surfaces; Medical personnel who enter the infectious disease area, observation room or ward (epidemic period); Medical personnel, laboratory technicians and other supporting personnel, workers or drivers for the transport of infectious disease patients.

Protective equipment: medical gloves, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks, goggles, protective screen, protective coveralls, isolation gown, isolation shoe and isolation boot covers, etc.

Tighter protection: since the risk of infection is particularly serious, additional and more stringent measures should be added on top of the enhanced protection.

Protective objects: when invasive operations such as tracheotomy, tracheal intubation and sputum aspiration are performed for patients with Class A infectious diseases, newly emerging infectious diseases or infectious diseases of unknown cause; When an autopsy is performed on an infectious patient.

Protection requirements: on the basis of strengthening protection, increase the use of comprehensive protective equipment and other effective protective equipment.

Work plan for medical treatment of COVID-19 in autumn and winter

Primary protection:

Pre-examination and triage points, general emergency observation area, outpatient department, general ward, intensive care unit, close contact medical observation area, medical personnel medical observation area, staff of potential contamination area in isolation ward, as well as imaging and pathological examination of ordinary patients undergoing surgery, non-coronavirus patients, Security, cleaning and medical waste transfer staff for fever outpatient and isolated ward;

Protective equipment: medical surgical masks, disposable working caps, working clothes, disposable latex gloves or nitrile gloves, etc.

Secondary protection:

Fever clinics and the isolation wards, isolation severe ward, suspected and the patient imaging diagnosis and inspection, disinfection supply center for new crown ward item recovery, and cleaning were counted, suspected and confirmed transhipment, PeiJian, body treatment of patients, for patients with suspected or confirmed surgery, new crown nucleic acid detection using secondary protective measures.

Protective equipment: medical protective mask, goggles or protective surface screen, disposable working cap, wear impermeable isolation clothing or protective gown, disposable latex gloves or nitrile gloves, shoe covers, etc.

Level 3 Protection:

Qualified medical institutions can use tertiary protection when performing aerosol-producing procedures, surgery, and novel coronavirus nucleic acid tests for suspected or confirmed patients; Use tertiary protection when performing autopsies on suspected or confirmed patients.

Protective equipment: positive pressure headgear or full protective respirator, wear anti-seepage isolation clothing or protective clothing, disposable latex gloves or nitrile gloves, shoe covers, etc.

Work plan for medical treatment of COVID-19 in autumn and winter (oral part)

Primary protection:

It is suitable for the dental medical personnel who do not use the pneumatic high-speed turbine mobile phone and the oral ultrasonic equipment to operate. It is also applicable to pre-test and triage staff, outpatient pharmacy, charging staff, consulting staff, general cleaning staff, and all staff who enter the diagnosis and treatment area.

Protection requirements: wear disposable working cap, disposable medical surgical mask and work clothes (white coat), wear disposable latex gloves, use protective goggles or protective mask when necessary.

Secondary protection:

It is suitable for the oral medical personnel who operate with pneumatic high-speed turbine mobile phone and oral ultrasound equipment, the instrument handling personnel who enter the polluted area and the medical personnel in the buffer disease area.

Protection requirements: wear disposable working cap, disposable medical surgical mask/protective mask, protective mask/goggles, disposable latex gloves, work clothes (white coat) with a separate coat, disposable shoe cover.

Level 3 Protection:

It is suitable for the dental medical personnel who receive high-risk patients and operate with pneumatic high-speed whirl mobile phone and oral ultrasound equipment, and operate in isolation area.

Protection requirements: wear protective clothing or work clothes (white coat), then wear disposable protective gown, wear disposable work cap, use full type respirator or positive pressure headgear, disposable latex gloves, shoe covers.


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