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Protective Gown CE Certification Standards

Jun. 03, 2020

The EU market requires CE certification marks for personal protective gown, such as cold-proof gown, arc-proof gown, high-temperature gown, anti-freeze gown, chemical-resistant gown, anti-ionization gown, and full isolation gown. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the standards for protective gown certification.

Standards for protective clothing certification:

EN342: protective clothing-cold-proof overalls or outerwear

EN343: Protective clothing-rainproof

EN348: Protective clothing-Test method: Determine the impact behavior of a molten metal ball with a material melted

EN381: Protective clothing for people using hand-held chain saws

EN373: Protective clothing-resistance of materials to molten metal splashes

EN470-1: Protective clothing for electric welding-Part 1: General requirements

EN471: Test methods and requirements for highly visible security suits for professional use

EN510: protective clothing with danger of entanglement while moving

EN531: protective suit for workers exposed to heat (except for protective clothing for firefighters and welding workers)

EN533: Protective coverall-protection from heat and flames-limited flame propagation materials and material combinations

EN943-1: Protective clothing, protection against liquid and gas chemicals including liquid smoke and solid particles, etc.

Part 1: Performance requirements of ventilated and non-ventilated airtight chemical protective gown

EN943-2: Protective clothing, protection against liquid and gaseous chemical substances, including liquid smoke and solid particles, etc.-

Part 2: Performance requirements of impermeable chemical protection clothing for emergency teams

EN1073: Protective clothes against radiation pollution

EN1082: Protective clothing-gloves and arm protective clothing against manual knife cutting and puncture

EN1149: Anti-static clothes

EN1150: Protective clothing-non-professional visual clothing

EN1486: Firemen's protective clothes Test methods and requirements for reflective materials made by professional firefighters

EN1621: Protective clothes for locomotives against mechanical collisions

EN13034: Personal chemical liquid protective clothing

EN13158: Protective clothing-rider's protective jacket, body and shoulder protection

EN13546: Protective clothing-Sports field hockey management Human hand, arm, chest, abdomen, foot and genital protection and sports field athlete's tibia protection-Requirements and test methods

EN13567: Protective clothing-Protection of the fencer's hands, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, genitals and face-requirements and test methods

EN13595: Protective clothing jacket, pants and one or separate uniforms for professional motorcycle riders

EN13998: apron, pants and vests that are resistant to manual knife cutting

EN1 4058: Protective clothing-protective clothing for cold environments

EN14120: Protective clothing-Wrist, palm and elbow protection requirements and test methods for users of roller sports equipment

EN14126: Protective suit-Performance requirements and test methods for protective coveralls or infectious agents

EN50286: current insulating protective clothing for low voltage installation work

EN60895: Conductive clothing with normal working voltage on site up to 800 ± 600kV


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