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Product Description And Wearing Method of Disposable Isolation Gown

Feb. 18, 2020

Isolation gown is made of composite non-woven materials to protect workers and patients from contamination with blood, body fluids, secretions, faeces and other infectious substances, and to prevent cross-infection. Anhui MedPurest medical technology co., ltd. donated high-quality disposable isolation gown to wuhan and local governments in hubei province during the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020. Its excellent quality is highly praised by customers.

[product name] isolation gown


The isolation gown is made of composite non-woven material.

[scope of application] used for general isolation in outpatient service, ward and examination room of medical institutions.

[product performance]

1 appearance

The products shall be clean, smooth, free from stain and damage.

2 the structure

The product is a jointed structure, easy to wear and take off. The specifications and models should meet the requirements in table 1.

3 anti-permeability

20cm water column, no seepage.

4 tensile strength

4.1 tensile breaking strength

4.1.1 dry state: longitudinal ≥80N, transverse ≥30N.

4.1.2 wet state: longitudinal ≥65N, transverse ≥30N.

4.2 elongation at break in tension

4.2.1 dry state: longitudinal ≥20%, transverse ≥20%.

4.2.2 wet state: longitudinal ≥20%, transverse ≥20%.

5 microbial properties:

After the product is sterilized with ethylene oxide, the microbial limit index shall meet the following requirements: the total number of bacterial colonies shall not be greater than 20cfu/g; Coliform should not be detected; Pathogenic pyogenic bacteria (pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus) should not be detected; Fungi cannot be detected.

6 residual ethylene oxide: ≤250 g/g.


1. The product is sterilized, which can be used directly and cannot be sterilized again;

2. Do not use the product after the package is damaged;

3, when the product performance changes (moisture absorption yellowing, mildew) do not use;

4. It shall be prohibited to use when the expiration date is exceeded;

5. This product is disposable and shall not be reused.

6. If the product needs to be disposed of after use, it shall be disposed according to the infectious waste treatment method stipulated in the measures for the management of medical and health institutions.

[contraindications] not found yet

[warning] : disposable

[instructions for use]

1. Wear isolation gown

1. 1 lift the collar with the right hand and extend the left hand into the sleeve. Pull up the collar with the right hand to expose the left hand, as shown in figure 1;

1. 2 change the left hand to hold the collar, the right hand into the sleeve, exposing the right hand, do not touch the west, as shown in figure 2;

1.3 hold the collar in two hands and tie the neck strap backwards along the edge from the center of the collar, as shown in figure 3;

1. 4 tie the cuffs again, as shown in figure 4;

1. 5 pull one side of the isolation garment (about 5cm below the waist) forward and see the edge pinched, as shown in figure 5;

1. 6 pinch the edge of the other side in the same way, as shown in figure 6;

1. 7 align the garment edges with your hands behind your back, as shown in figure 7;

1. 8 fold to one side, hold down the fold with one hand, and pull the belt to the fold behind with the other hand, as shown in figure 8;

1. 9 cross the belt at the back, return to the front and tie the belt as shown in figure 9.

Product description and wearing method of disposable isolation gown

Introduction and method of wearing disposable isolation gown

2. Take off the isolation clothes

2.1 untie the belt and tie a slipknot in front, as shown in figure 10;

2. 2 remove the cuff, tuck the sleeve inside, fully expose both hands, and conduct hand disinfection, as shown in figure ll;

2. 3 unfasten the neck strap, as shown in figure 12;

2. 4 extend the right hand into the sleeve of the left wrist and pull down the sleeve to pass through, as shown in figure 13;

2. 5 use the covered left hand to hold the right hand outside the sleeve and pull the right sleeve, as shown in FIG. 14;

2. 6 the two-hand transition gradually exits from the sleeve tube, and the isolation coat is removed, as shown in figure 15;

2. 7 hold the collar with the left hand, and align the two sides of the isolation garment with the right hand. If the pollution area is suspended outside, the pollution faces inward.

2.8 when no longer in use, take off the isolation coat, with the pollution facing inward, roll it into a package, and throw it into the clinical waste container or into the recycling bag, as shown in figure 16.

Product description and wearing method of disposable isolation gown


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