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Performance And Requirements of Surgical Gown

Sep. 11, 2018

Performance and Requirements of Surgical gown

The performance of surgical gown includes: barrier and comfortable. Various of surgical gowns provided by Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd. can meet these requirements.

Fabrics used in surgical gowns belong to medical shielding fabrics, are focus on barrier performance. Barrier properties include prevent the penetration of liquids and microorganisms. Medical staff will inevitably contact with the patient’s blood and body fluids during the rescue. The patient's blood and body fluids may carry HBV (hepatitis B virus), HCV (hepatitis C virus) and HIV (HIV). So, the barrier properties of surgical gowns are particularly important, and their evaluation methods mainly include hydrostatic pressure, water dip test, impact penetration, spray, blood infiltration, and microbiological penetration and particle filtration efficiency.

The comfortable properties of surgical gowns include breathability, water vapor permeability, drapability, quality, thickness of surface, electrostatic properties, color, reflective properties, odor and skin sensitization, and the effects of design and sewing in garment processing. The main evaluation indicators are air permeability, moisture permeability and charge density.

Surgical gowns should also be clean and tidy during use, and they are not prone to produce dander or dust. Because the fluff and particles that fall on the surface of the gowns are easy to carry pathogens, danger to patient safety. At the same time, the protective performance of surgical gowns should be evaluated. Consider the tension and abrasion resistance of the fabric. Because, the breakage and wear of the clothes will cause the pathogen to have direct contact with the skin of the medical staff and cause the surgical clothing to lose its protective capabilities. So, the surgical gowns must also have adsorption function and water pressure resistance.


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