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Patient Gown Introduced In Intensive Care Unit

Sep. 19, 2019

Patients in intensive care unit are seriously ill, their conditions are complex and varied, and the variety of diseases and various life monitoring catheters and lead wires of drainage tubes make it difficult for patients to dress and change gowns, causing physical and psychological discomfort. It also brought inconvenience to treatment and nursing. We designed a patient gown for this purpose and achieved satisfactory results through clinical application. Now introduced as follows.


1 clinical material

1.1 Material and design cotton cloth, velcro lining cloth (width 2cm, length according to the piece to the cuff, length of the pants), the gowns are all open from the neckline to the cuffs, the front line is open from the nipple to the hem, pants from the waist to The foot is fully open, the opening of the genitals, and the opening on the inside of the knee joint. Velcro is used.


Critically ill patients often need to wear undressing because of diagnosis and treatment, while patients in regular patients wear disguised or completely unable to wear and refuse to use, and the narrow cuffs are easy to oppress the swollen limbs, hinder blood circulation, and are not conducive to suffering Limb observation, if the affected limb is not covered, it is easy to cause cross infection. Critically ill patients and bedridden patients need to change their gowns. Repeated movement also increases the physical exertion of the patient, especially when the patient is infusion or other treatment pipelines, which is more difficult to operate or clinically observed. We designed the critical care patient service to solve the above problems better, and it has the above advantages.


2.1 Simple to make It is convenient, economical, comfortable, practical and beautiful. The patient is willing to accept it.

2.2 Protecting the patient's body reduces the patient's psychological stress. Preventing cold, and eliminating the shyness of patients wearing gowns, can meet the physiological and psychological needs of critically ill patients.

2.3 The limbs of the patient, the underwear of the affected part of the chest and abdomen can be untied freely. It is especially gownable for the various life monitoring catheters and lead wires of critically ill patients, which is convenient for clinical observation and wound debridement. It is also particularly gownable for patients with bone traction, indwelling drainage tubes and infusion tubes after surgery, reducing the risk of cross infection and catheter detachment.

2.4 bed and critically ill patients wipe the bath, toilet, when changing gowns, untie the button of the corresponding part can be very convenient operation, reducing the physical exertion of the patient and the labor intensity of the nursing staff.

2.5 Patients who can be used for plastering and splinting can get out of bed and exercise.

2.6 This patient's gown is not only gownable for critically ill patients, but also gownable for orthopedic patients, frail elderly, patients with inconvenient movements or patients with more complicated treatment and care. Therefore, it is an ideal patient service, and it is easy to obtain and low in cost. Design Simple, practical, and widely used.


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