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Order of Putting on And Taking Off Personal Protective Equipment

Aug. 11, 2020

1. The order of wearing protective equipment

(1) Wearing one-piece protective gown

① Wear disposable hats.

②Wear a mask or a full-face protective mask, and check the tightness of the mask.

③ Put on goggles or mask.

④ Wear one-piece protective clothes (wear a protective clothing hat)

⑤ Wear boots or sterilizable protective foot covers.

⑥ Put on gloves and put them around the cuffs of the protective clothing.

2. Take off the protective coveralls

①Leave the isolation room or contaminated area. Take off in the isolation room (cannot pollute other people)

②Take off the gloves, put them inside out and put them in a yellow plastic bag.

③Take off the protective clothing and shoe covers, put the inside out, and put it in a yellow plastic bag.

④ Take off the protective glasses or full face shield. Take off the mask, first take off the lower mask belt, and then take off the upper mask belt together with the mask. Take care not to touch your face with your hands.

④ Take off the protective glasses or full face shield.

⑤Put your fingers back into the hat, gently take off the hat, put it inside out, and put it in a yellow plastic bag.

⑥ Hand disinfection.


(1) Medical protective masks should be replaced every 4 hours if they are contaminated.

(2) The glasses worn should be disinfected before leaving the isolation area.

(3) Isolation clothing or protection clothing can be used continuously when medical personnel are in contact with multiple confirmed cases.

(4) In contact with suspected cases, isolation clothing or protective clothing should be changed between contacts with each case.

(5) Isolation clothing or protective suit should be replaced in time when it is contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, or dirt.

(6) Face tightness test should be carried out when wearing medical protective mask or respirator.

(7) When taking off the protective equipment, pay attention not to touch the clothes and skin worn inside. Or wet, it should be replaced in time.


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