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Medical Isolation Mask And Goggles

Nov. 12, 2022

Medical isolation mask and goggles are personal protective equipment, goggles are eye protective equipment, mainly by changing the transmittance intensity and spectrum, to avoid the damage caused by radiation light to the eyes, but also can block the damage caused by the splash in the air, dust, etc. Medical goggles are made of polycarbonate lens, with anti-impact, anti-blood splash and other functions. The flat curved frame fits the facial contour well. The legs are equipped with soft pads, which can effectively relieve the pressure on both sides of the head when wearing myopia glasses.

The protective maskis a facial protective equipment, which is used to protect the face and neck from the flying metal debris, harmful gas, liquid splash, etc. The two parts of the human body protection are different, the area of the protective face screen is obviously larger than the goggles, the protection range is obviously wider, the protective effect of the protective face screen is greater than the goggles.

Medical isolation mask and goggles

Medical isolation mask can isolate body fluids, blood spatter, because it is not a closed protective equipment, can not reach the effect of virus prevention. Medical isolation mask is a protective cover made of polymer material, foam strip and fixed device. It is disposable and often used in medical institutions to protect against the inspection and treatment. Masks and goggles should be worn to prevent the spread of the virus. Perform medical operations under a high concentration of virus vectors, wear a mask and goggles, and use an isolation mask to prevent bodily fluids and blood from splashing on the body.

Goggles can prevent the blood, body fluids, secretions, and sand from splashing into the eyes of the wearer, and also prevent the damage to the eyes caused by radiation. Goggles are professional protection, mainly used in special circumstances.

Are the medical isolation masks and goggles disposable?

Medical isolation masks are available in disposable and reusable forms. Now the medical protective masks on the market are mainly divided into disposable medical protective masks and reusable protective masks. If it is a disposable product, it can only be used once, and be discarded after use as medical waste. If the reusable medical protective mask is used, due to the special material, it can be used again after relevant disinfection.

There are various types of goggles, including laser protective glasses, electric welding goggles, blue light goggles, medical goggles, etc. Medical goggles are disposable, because clinical medical personnel need to have close contact with patients. In order to ensure the safety of medical personnel and prevent cross infection caused by virus carried by medical goggles, the goggles should be discarded after one use.

The two parts of the human body protection is different, so it is recommended to use together, the protection effect on the human face will be better.


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