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It Can Be Use For Patients With Improve Patient Gown

Feb. 01, 2019

In view of the past patient gown is not too humanized, convenient to replace the shortcomings, our company anhui MedPurest medical technology co., ltd. combined with the needs of the patient's life and the characteristics of care will be improved, the choice of small dots, broken flowers, colored cotton fabric, the production of both sides of the slit broadband connection of the collar shirt, low collar two sleeve slit shirt, invisible crotch knee pants. In the clinical use, the patient gown feels cozy, replaceable, very human, to protect the patient's privacy, to facilitate the procedure, to be more clinical.

The patients who are lying on bed have been unconscious for a long period of time, some disabled, some elderly people are weak, some people need to be rehabilitative after being angry, and their life cannot be self-worked in the bed, often due to illness and physical reasons, the life of the patient cannot be justified, and thepatient clothing is not convenient for the patients to be close to the clinic, difficult to be worn out, the working efficiency is not convenient, and the patient's privacy cannot be very well protected in the clinic operation. To do that, I've been working with a group of employees, making improvements to the patient's clothes, and making a more clinical patient suit. , the effect is significant.

1. The improved patient clothing is made of pure cotton woven fabric, cotton undershirt, cotton fabric and other materials. In terms of fabric color, you can choose magnolia bottom/grass green bottom + small white dots/broken flowers

2. Design and production

a: double slit blouse. The overall structure is similar to that of ordinary cardigan, with low round collar, front slit can be tied and pasted, bottom slit can be pasted and connected by three flat strips. The front of the sheet is 4 to 5cm on the edge of the front, and the last one is 1 cm to the edge of the front and the pasting to the front, and a 5cm, and a 5cm wide flat belt with the front and then paste it.

b:Low round collar shoulder two sleeves open the undercoat. Its whole structure is a simple shirt and a low round collar, which can be pasted, and two sleeve are open to that cuff from the front part of the armspace, and are connected with the tethered band at the front.


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