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Instructions For protective Gown

Feb. 26, 2020

Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co.,Ltd  currently the only one in anqing city to do medical protective gown enterprises, originally to produce  surgical package, surgical drapes and surgical gown based. At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of the COVID-19 caused MedPurest to recall its employees to produce medical protective gown for the national epidemic prevention work during the new year of chinese.

[product name] disposable protective clothes for medical use


Disposable protective coveralls for medical use is made of composite non-woven material and consists of a hat, jacket and trousers.

[scope of application] provide barrier and protection for blood, body fluids and secretions of patients that clinical medical staff come into contact with at work.

[product performance]

1 appearance

1.1 the product shall be dry, clean and mildew free, with no adhesion, cracks, holes or other defects allowed on the surface;

1.2 the heat sealing part shall be smooth and sealed without bubbles;

1.3 the zipper of protective suit shall not be exposed, and the pull head shall be able to self-lock.

2 the structure

The product is a jointed structure, the structure should meet the requirements of figure 1, easy to wear and take off, the combined part is tight, the cap face closure, cuffs, foot mouth adopts elastic closure.

3 shape

The product size shall meet the requirements in table 1.

4 liquid barrier properties

4.1 impermeability

When the hydrostatic pressure is 1.67kpa (17cm H2O), the protective suit shall not leak.

4.2 osmotic quantity

Not less than 2500g/m2d.

4.3 anti-synthetic blood penetrability

It shall not be lower than the level 2 requirements in table 3 of gb19082-2009.

4.4 surface moisture resistance

It shall not be lower than the level 3 requirements in table 3 of gb19082-2009.

5 breaking strength

It should be no less than 45N.

Elongation at break

It should be no less than 15%.

7 filtration efficiency

The filtration efficiency of protective gown on non-oily particles should not be less than 70%.

Antistatic property

Charge shall be no more than 0.6c/piece.

9 electrostatic attenuation performance

The decay time shall not exceed 0.5s.

10 sterile

10.1 products are sterilized with ethylene oxide and shall be sterile.

10.2 product ethylene oxide residue shall be no more than 10 g/g.


1. The product is sterilized, which can be used directly and cannot be sterilized again;

2. Do not use the product after the package is damaged;

3, when the product performance changes (moisture absorption yellowing, mildew) do not use;

4. It shall be prohibited to use when the expiration date is exceeded;

5. This product is disposable and shall not be reused.

6. Before taking off protective gloves, try to avoid contact with the outer surface of protective gown. After taking off gloves, try to contact with the inner surface of protective gown. The protective equipment that takes off should be handled centrally, avoid to enlarge pollution in this process.

7. If the product needs to be disposed of after use, it shall be disposed according to the infectious waste treatment method stipulated in the measures for the management of medical and health institutions.

[contraindications] not found yet

[warning] : disposable

[instructions for use]

1. Wear protective gown

Follow the sequence of putting on the clothes first, then the coat, then the hat and finally the zipper.

2. Take off protective gown

When taking off the one-piece protective suit, first pull the zipper to the end (FIG. 1), lift the hat up to make the hat detach from the head, and take off the sleeves (FIG. 2, FIG. 3); The edging roll is from top to bottom (figure 4), and the pollution faces inward until it is all removed and put into the clinical waste bag (figure 5).

Instructions For protective Gown


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