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Instruction of Surgical Drape

Sep. 11, 2018

Instruction of Surgical Drape

1. Utility Drapes

Use four utility drapes cover around the incision.
1) Fold the utility 1/3, the first second and third utility drape folds toward the assistant, and the fourth drape faces the fold and passes it to assistant in order.
2) The assistant receives the folded drape and lays on the underside, above, opposite side and side of the incision respectively. The inner edge of each drape is within 3cm from the incision line. The surgical drape needs a little adjustment and can only be moved from inside to outside.
3) The four corners of the utility drape are clamped with cloth clips to expose the cut out portion. Nowadays, many sterile plastic films are used for clinical application. After the skin is cut, the film still adheres to the edges of the wound, preventing the remaining bacteria on the skin during the operation.


2. Medium Drape
Use two pieces of sterilized medium drape on the upper and lower sides of the incision. User need to be careful and can’t touch non-sterile items with their hands or fingers.

3. Surgical Drape
Use the laparotomy drape facing the incision, with the short end toward the head and the long end toward the lower extremity, and then stretch upwards and downwards. The hand rolled up inside the large sheet to avoid contamination when unfolding. The short end is required to cover the anesthesia shelf, and the long end covers the instrument tray. The sides and feet should hang down 30 cm beyond the operating table.


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