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How to Wash Hands After Medical Staff Put on Disposable Scrub Suits

Oct. 26, 2020

Disposable scrub suits are generally made of SMS material, and the style is V-neck short-sleeved short. Easy to put on and take off.

The medical staff put on Disposable scrub suit before the operation and then began to wash and disinfect their hands.

Seven-step handwashing

1. The definition of hand washing Hand washing is the process of removing dirt on the skin and temporary residence by medical staff with soap (soap) and running water

2. The purpose of the seven-step hand-washing method: Remove hand dirt and bacteria, prevent contact with infection; prepare before aseptic surgery or operation.

3. Preparation before washing hands:

 (1) Environmental requirements: spacious and bright, with non-contact tap and waist-high sink.

 (2) Facilities requirements:

         1. Flowing water.

         2. Non-hand contact faucet switch.

         3. Cleaners should contain skin care ingredients and use disposable packaging. Reusable containers should be cleaned and disinfected each time they are used up. If it is soap, keep it clean and dry.

         4. It should be equipped with disposable hand towels or hand dryers, or other hand drying methods that can avoid secondary pollution.

(3) Hand washing requirements: no wounds on the hands, cut nails flat; wear disposable scrub suit, masks, hats; prepare hand sanitizer (or soap) and dry sterile hand towels.

 4. Seven-step hand-washing steps: The seven-step hand-washing steps are as follows:

Step 1:is to wash the palms: wet hands with running water, apply hand sanitizer (or soap), palms facing each other, and rub the fingers together (20~30s);

Step 2: is to wash the back side of the finger joints: rub the palms of the hands along the back of the hands and exchange the hands (20~30s);

Step 3: Wash the palms of the fingers: palms face each other, and rub your hands together along the fingers (20~30s);

Step 4 Wash the thumb: hold the thumb in one hand and rub the thumb in the other hand, exchange hands (20~30s);

Step 5 Wash the back of the fingers: Bend the joints of each finger, make a half-fist, place the back of the finger on the palm of the other hand, rotate and rub, exchange hands (20~30s);

Step 6 Wash your fingertips: bend each finger joint, put your fingertips together in the palm of the other hand, rotate and rub, exchange your hands (20~30s);

Step 7 Wash your wrists and arms: scrub your wrists and arms up to 6cm above the elbow (for non-surgery, wash your hands up to 5cm above the wrist joint), exchange your hands (60s). Finally, rinse the hand sanitizer (or soap) with running water, and dry your hands with a dry sterile hand towel.

Five and seven-step hand washing notes:

 1. Carefully rub your hands for more than 20-30 seconds during the whole process of hand washing. Carefully wash the nails, fingertips, finger joints and knuckles and other easily contaminated parts.

 2. Don't wear rings or other accessories on your hands. Particular attention should be paid to thoroughly cleaning the parts where rings, watches and other decorations are worn (if possible, rings, watches and other accessories should also be cleaned). The decorations on your hands should be removed first and then thoroughly cleaned. A "special zone" that hides dirt and dirt is formed locally, and a little carelessness will cause bacteria to "leak through the net".

3. Use disposable paper towels or small clean towels to dry your hands. The towels should be disinfected one by one.

4. When the hands are not significantly contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids and other substances, quick-drying hand disinfectants can be used to disinfect hands instead of washing hands.


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