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how to distinguish protective gown from isolation clothing and surgical gown

Jul. 12, 2022

In appearance, protective gown is distinguishable from isolation clothing and surgical gown. It is not easy to distinguish between surgical gown and isolation clothes. 

how to distinguish protective gown from isolation clothing and surgical gown

It can be separated according to the length of the belt (the belt of the isolation clothes should be tied to the front for easy removal. The belt of the gown is tied at the back). There are overlapping functions of the three. The requirements of disposable surgical clothing and protective coveralls are significantly higher than disposable isolation clothing. In common clinical situations (such as contact isolation for multiple drug-resistant bacteria), disposable surgical gowns and isolation gowns can be exchanged, but they cannot be replaced where disposable surgical gowns must be used. From the point of view of the process of wearing and taking off, 

the differences between isolation suits and surgical clothes are as follows :

(1) when wearing and taking off isolation clothes, pay attention to clean the surface from pollution, while the surgical gown pay more attention to aseptic operation;

(2) The isolation gown can be completed by one person, while the surgical gown must be assisted by an assistant; 

(3) Isolation clothes can be used repeatedly in the absence of pollution. After use, hang in the corresponding area, and the surgical clothes must be cleaned and disinfected/sterilized after wearing once before use. 

Disposable protective clothing is commonly used in microbiology laboratories, infectious disease negative pressure wards, Ebola, avian flu, COVID-19 and other outbreaks to protect medical staff from pathogens. The use of the three are important measures to prevent and control infection in hospitals and play an important role in protecting patients and medical workers.


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