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How To Distinguish The Quality of The Surgical Gown

Jul. 20, 2019

The surgical gown is a work uniform for the operating room of the hospital. There are strict requirements on its safety. The country now has corresponding regulations on medical textile articles, which must meet the standards before they can be used by the hospital.

The material of the surgical gown is very heavy. The hospital needs to select qualified surgical gown, which are disposable or reusable. No matter which type is required, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the operation.

Surgical gown have different materials. With the development of technology, medical and apparel R&D personnel have developed a variety of different fabrics for use in medical apparel. Today, we mainly talk about two kinds of fabrics with a lot of contact, one is waterproof, prevents liquid leakage, special fiber structure and production process, and can completely prevent liquid leakage.


It can be used in the chest and abdomen position of the surgical gown to better protect the doctor during the operation and prevent blood and other pollutants from coming into contact with the doctor's skin. This fabric also has an anti-static function, and the fabric is woven with conductive yarn to permanently prevent static electricity. It can be washed and disinfected at high temperature. It is a reusable surgical gown with good water washability. It is not easy to change the performance after repeated washing, and it can also ensure the cleanliness of the product.

Another fabric is moisture absorbing, breathable, and quick drying. It is mainly used for other parts of the surgical gown before the body, more than the sweating back, good moisture absorption, moisture permeability, and dampness function. After the inner surface of the fabric absorbs moisture from the skin and absorbs heat, it can be quickly transmitted to the outer surface and quickly It is distributed, so it can be kept dry and comfortable for a long time. It also has anti-static function and can be washed and disinfected at high temperature. It can resist microbes, dense fabric structure and special treatment, which can effectively block the penetration of microorganisms and better protect doctors.


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