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How Difficult The Surgical Gowns Get Into The Hospitals In China

Sep. 17, 2018

How difficult the surgical gowns get into the hospitals in China

According to the classification of hospitals, the hospitals that choose to usedisposable non-woven surgical gown are mainly in the 3A grade hospitals and some high-end private hospitals in relatively developed areas in China.The reason lies in the high level of diagnosis and academic status of doctors in operating rooms who are working in the 3A grade hospitals, as well as the high requirements for medical products.What’s more,the operating room of the 3A grade hospitals is also higher than other hospitals.From the above ,3A grade hospitals, especially those in developed coastal areas, have become the largest consumer market of disposable surgical gowns in China.

Although the quality and quantity of disposable surgical gowns produced by domestic non-woven enterprises have been greatly improved in recent years, the problem of low permeability of disposable surgical clothing in most domestic hospitals has not been solved.There are four reasons are as follow:

First,The standards of manufacturing are seriously lagging. The lag of standard work leads directly to the uneven quality of products.According to statistics, there are 32 current standards related to non-woven products for medical and health use at present.Only three of them were national standards that had been urgently formulated during the SARS epidemic in 2003, and the others are industry standards of the medical system.And most of them are productive standard or terminology , the standard that relates to textile directly does not exceed 12.In addition, the procurement of hospitals in China is usually performed by the department of medical administration or the equipment division.Due to the lack of productive standards and material certification , the buyers can only purchase by checking the "three certificates".It is difficult to guarantee the quality of products.Therefore, it is a very urgent and important task that how to make a detailed standard work plan according to the demand of current industry development for the whole medical and health service industry to face.

Second, lacking the guidance of policies and safeguard mechanism.The unclear formulation of relevant laws on medical practice protection and the absence of personal safeguard mechanism have a great influence on the demand of Chinese medical protection products.The ministry of health has issued Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, Regulations on Hospital Infection Management and Regulation on the Urgent Handling of Public Health Emergencies.Therefore,the personal protection of medical workers in diagnosis and treatment is stipulated effectively.However,only Guidelines for the Protection of Personnel Exposed to Avian Influenza has specified the quality and performance of protective equipment , the order of wear to strip and the effective time of waiting.Other regulations do not specify the performance and usage of personal protective equipment for medical personnel, nor do they make a standardized requirements for medical protective equipment.

Third,Certification are holding the industry back.Due to the lack of technical support for standards and usage specifications, the certification of medical and health non-woven industry in China is very scarce.The approval and certification mechanism of surgical gowns is chaotic in particularly. Ordinary cotton protective clothing and non-woven protective clothing for a class of medical devices, can be approved by the management for medical devices at the municipal level.Disposable and repeated medical protective clothing belongs to type ii medical devices, which shall be approved by the provincial medical device management department.However, the corresponding technical standards and productive specifications of materials and products are not certified or specified.

In addition, after the export of a large number of high-grade medical surgical gowns and masks which produced in China has been confirmed and packaged by overseas authoritative testing agencies,Then those products sold back to China with a high price. The extension of circulation has greatly increased the cost to end users.Not only does it seriously impedes the healthy development of the industry, but also inhibits the promotion of high-performance products in domestic hospitals.In fact,Many surgical gowns imported from abroad are made in China, while the purchase price of domestic hospitals is much higher than the ex-factory price.

Last,public innovation service platform and system construction are weak.Compared with developed countries, most of Chinese industrial non-woven enterprises are limited by their scale and development background.The proportion of scientific research investment is on the small side.It leads to the phenomenon of single product, lack of innovation ability and low-level and repeated construction.Meanwhile, the storage and distribution mechanism of medical protection products is not sound.Domestic medical protection products are basically produced and sold by enterprises themselves.This industry is short of material inspection and distribution agencies with stable connections to several companies.It is easy to cause the problem of product scheduling. In the case of public health emergencies, production supply is prone to chaos.Therefore, enterprises must have the ability to develop their own marketing strategies for hospitals, so that they can seize the market when the opportunity comes.


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