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Emergency Treatment And Preventive Measures For Damage To Medical Protective Clothing

Oct. 24, 2022

Medical protective clothing is an indispensable personal protective equipment for medical staff to fight against the new coronavirus on the front line. Its function is to isolate bacterial and viral infections. When medical protective clothing or isolation clothing is damaged, what should we do? How can frontline healthcare workers keep themselves safe?

If the medical protective clothing is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately and handled according to the following procedures:

1. Spray 75% ethanol or quick-drying hand sanitizer on the damaged area (spray or spread over 3 times the diameter of the damaged area)

2. Inform the classmates and hand over work with the classmates

3. Evacuate the quarantine area

4. Take off medical protective equipment according to the procedure

5. Take off work clothes, bathe and change clothes

6. Enter the isolation area after re-wearing protective equipment according to work needs

Emergency treatment of damaged medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing can be divided into daily work clothes, surgical disposable surgical gowns, isolation gowns and sterilized medical protective clothing according to the purpose and use occasions. In accordance with relevant standards and specifications, medical protective clothing is required to be dry, clean, and free of mildew, and the surface is not allowed to have defects such as adhesions, cracks, and holes.

For example, the connection part of medical protective clothing can be processed by needle seam bonding or heat sealing. The needle eye of the needle seam should be sealed, the needle distance should be 8 to 14 needles per 3cm, the stitches should be uniform and straight, and there should be no skipped stitches. . At the same time, the parts of the protective clothing after bonding or heat sealing should be flat, sealed, and free of air bubbles. The zipper of the medical protective clothing with zipper should not be exposed, and the slider should be self-locking.

Preventive measures for damage to medical protective clothing

1. Before wearing medical protective clothing

(1) Sharp objects on the body should be removed;

(2) Confirm whether the size of the protective clothing is suitable;

(3) Check the overall integrity of the protective clothing, such as whether there is cracking at the suture.

Preventive measures for damage to medical protective clothing

2. After wearing protective clothing

(1) Evaluate whether the selected protective clothing is suitable by raising arms, bending over, squatting and other actions, and ensuring that it is suitable before entering the isolation area;

(2) Pay attention to the integrity of protective clothing during work, and find cracks and damage in time.

Precautions for putting on and taking off medical protective clothing

1. When it is necessary to work in an isolated and airtight environment, it should be ensured that at least two people exist at the same time, so that they can be rescued in time in case of a situation;

2. Before wearing medical protective clothing, relevant inspections must be done, and you cannot act on your own experience.

3. Pay attention to check the integrity of medical protective clothing, such as whether there is pollution on the surface, whether there are cracks in the sutures, or whether there are sharp objects on the body, etc., so as to avoid damage to the protective clothing during the work process and affect the protective function;

4. When taking off the medical protective clothing, the contaminated surface should be wrapped inside, and the protective equipment should be handled centrally to avoid expanding pollution;

5. Pay attention to strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations when discarding medical protective clothing, and dispose of protective clothing that can no longer be used according to the classification of medical waste;


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