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Double Holes Drapes of MedPurest

Dec. 04, 2019

Surgical drapes is indispensable in the surgery, but now many hospitals are mostly adopts the traditional single drapes, the single-hole drapes there are some defects in the practical application. For example, gynecological laparoscopic surgery requires simultaneous operation of the abdomen and perineum, that is, exposing two incisions at the same time. If the single-hole cave towel is used during the operation, the sterile area of the operation cannot be safely and conveniently laid, which will cause a lot of inconvenience during the operation. In order to overcome the inconvenience of using the prevention of postoperative infection in patients with surgery this paper improves the traditional single-arch drapes, we design a kind of gynecological laparoscopic surgery with double hole towel, the clinical application, the effect is satisfied.


The production and application of double hole hole towel are introduced as follows.


1.Materials and production


1.1 material selection and operating room coessential concolorous cotton cloth class, such as green, blue cotton cloth.

1.2 make and sew a rectangular green cloth sheet with a length of 360cm and a width of 1 80cm. Make a rectangular main hole with a length of 40cm and a width of 15cm in the middle of the sheet. Make another oval auxiliary hole with a diameter of about 15cm at 80cm from the edge of one side of the sheet.


2.For gynecological laparoscopic surgery, the use of double-hole hole towel in the operation of the main hole at the main incision, such as gynecological laparoscopic surgery abdominal incision, according to the direction of the red triangle cloth logo (generally refers to the direction of the small triangle for the head) to expand the head of the cave towel; The end of the towel is then unrolled according to the location of the second incision. Due to the height of the human body has certain difference, if the patient short, drapes on the distance of the two holes will be greater than the distance between the two incision surgery patients, between two holes through the drapes single transverse slightly fold of cloth to ensure drapes on the double Kong Zheng exposed for two incision for surgery, exposed to ensure the operation area.


3.It is convenient and practical to use this kind of double-hole towel in the implementation of gynecological laparoscopic surgery, because it can reduce the need to use a large number of medium and treatment towels for laying double incision sterile area. At the same time, the use of the double-hole towel in double-incision surgery can prevent the movement or lifting of the surgical towel during the operation, protect the sterile area of the surgical area, and prevent nosocomial infection.


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