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Disposable Stereotactic Surgical Hole Towel And Surgical Combination Bag Manufacturing Method

May. 10, 2019

The disposable stereotactic surgical hole towel comprises a transparent film layer and a composite nonwoven layer, one side of which is joined to one side of the composite nonwoven layer. The transparent film layer of the surgical hole towel can be used as an observation window to facilitate the medical personnel to observe the immediate reaction of the surgical object during the operation; the composite non-woven layer is located at the position of the head of the surgical object, and the surgical hole is covered with the surgical film.


Stereotactic surgery is the application of the principle of solid geometry coordinates, the establishment of the brain coordinate system and the installation of a directional instrument on the skull, the establishment of a coordinate system, the positioning of the target structure of the brain, the surgical operators (such as micro-electrodes, biopsy needles, damaged needles, etc.) ) Introduce the target for operation. Stereotactic surgery is mainly used to treat brain diseases such as Parkinson's disease, tumor, and epilepsy in the field of neurosurgery.

At present, in stereotactic clinical operations, several cotton surgical drapes (such as head sheets, foot sheets, medium sheets, and treatment towels) are usually used to cover the head and the whole body of the surgical subject, and surgery is formed at the patient's head-directed stent. wild. Because the hydrostatic pressure of the cotton towel is far below the standard requirements, the liquid generated during the operation is easy to penetrate and contaminate the non-surgical site. Cotton surgical towel and the human body are poorly conformed, and there are many flocculation. Due to the physical properties of the cotton itself, it is difficult to integrate with other materials. It is difficult to form a stable and closed surgical field during the operation, which increases the infection risk. In addition, it is not convenient to install the orientation instrument by covering a plurality of drape on the body of the surgical object. After the towel covers the surgical object to form a barrier, the doctor does not conveniently observe the immediate reaction of the surgical object during the operation.

And before the operation, the medical staff needs to prepare a variety of drape, and the preparation before surgery is more complicated. During the operation, the medical staff needs to select appropriate drape to cover the subject, which is not conducive to improving the efficiency of surgery.

The disposable stereotactic surgical hole towel and surgical combination package provided by Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd can simplify the preoperative preparation operation of stereotactic surgery and improve the operation efficiency. In addition, the surgical hole towel is designed in one piece, which facilitates laying the hole towel on the body of the surgical object before the operation.


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