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Development of automatic folding mechanism for surgical drapes by medpurest

May. 25, 2019

An automatic folding mechanism developed by Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd, which is applied to the packaging of surgical drapes, analyzes the design points and workflow of the folding mechanism. The mechanism has the characteristics of high automation and good expandability, which can provide some help for self-production.

The surgical hole drapes is a surgical table specially designed for performing surgery on a patient. The operation table has holes for a specific operation position, and the size of the holes is different, and the positions of the holes are various.

The surgical hole drapes is a disposable sterile product and is used in a large amount. If the manual packaging of the surgical drapes is not efficient, the aseptic environment is easily contaminated. Therefore, in order to effectively shorten the production cycle, increase the overall productivity, and liberate the labor force to meet the market demand, the disposable sterile surgical drapes combination package. The folding machine is equipped with automatic folding technology, and the whole system is safe and reliable. This article designs an automatic folding mechanism to meet the needs of fast-packing surgical canals.

1.Designing the whole structure

The overall structure of the designed folding mechanism is determined according to the uncertainty of the empty position of the surgical drapes, the fact that the empty position cannot be folded, the equipment can not be worn any more, and the transverse stretching cannot be performed. The folding mechanism is mainly composed of an automatic feeding and folding system, an automatic positioning lifting system, and a horizontal folding robot. The components mainly include the whole frame of the device, the horizontal folding robot, the finished drapes conveyor belt, the hole drapes transfer robot, the hole drapes pressing plate, the hole drapes forming robot, the hole drapes loading temporary table, the hole drapes positioning camera, the hole drapes forming mold and the the drapes is fixed to the platform.

2.key points of design

The design points of the agency are as follows:

1 automatic feeding of the surgical hole drapes by the robot;

2 feeding is in place, the hole drapes pressing plate presses the hole at the hole fixed platform;

3 to achieve the purpose of protecting the hole;

4 The longitudinal forming mold cooperates with the forming manipulator to realize the instantaneous folding forming of the two sides of the opening;

5 lateral folding robots A and B are clamped at both ends while being centered and folded;

After the horizontal folding molding, the hole drapes transfer robot moves the finished surgical  drapes bag to the conveyor belt to end the task.


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