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Common Positions In Surgery

Apr. 01, 2019

Common surgical positions (key skills)

Common positions in surgery

Common positions in surgery

Common positions in surgery

Common positions in surgery

5.Skin disinfection in the surgical area (key skills)

1.Scope of disinfection: the skin within at least 15cm around the incision


2.Principle: Gradually wipe the stained area from the cleaning place, and the cotton ball that has been in contact with the contaminated part can not be returned to the clean place.


3.Method: After the first assistant brushes the hand, the patient's skin is disinfected two to three times (the disinfecting forceps should be replaced during the second disinfection), and then the hands are rubbed with the disinfectant solution and then the sterilesurgical gown is worn. Fourth, the operation area paving single method (key control)

Common positions in surgery


1.Spread the skin towel: Cover the incision with four pieces of sterile towel.


2.In the operation of the surgery single: two sterile singles are placed separately above and below the incision.


3.Surgical hole towel: The laparotomy with a hole is directly facing the incision, the short end covers the anesthesia frame with the head, and the long end covers the instrument tray with the lower limb. The sides and the foot end should hang down 30cm beyond the side of the operating table.


1. the purpose is to eliminate the bacteria on the skin at and around the incision.


2.Prepare the patient for preoperative preparation: prepare the skin and check the skin cleanliness in the disinfection area. Environmental preparation: The operator of the operating room prepares: after the hands and arms are disinfected, before wearing the surgical gown and wearing gloves.


3.the disinfection principle to the heart-shaped disinfection: infection of wounds or anal, perineal disinfection, should be from the peripheral cleaning department of the surgical area to the infected wound or anus, perineum rubbing.


Centrifugal disinfection: The skin of the cleaning knife should be disinfected from the center of the surgical field to the surrounding area.


4.Sterilization method Parallel or tile-shaped disinfection: for disinfection of large surgical fields. The disinfectant is applied to the surrounding skin without overlapping one-half to one-third of the adjacent disinfectant.


Annular or spiral disinfection: for disinfection of small surgical fields.


5.Disinfectants for different surgical sites Infants and young children's skin is soft and tender. It can be used with 1:1000 benzalkonium bromide solution, generally without iodine disinfection.

Special site general surgical skin


Surgery areas such as the perineum, face and neck, skin grafting area, and oral cavity are generally disinfected with 0.3% or 0.5% iodophor.


Disinfect with 3% to 4% iodine, and after dehydration, deiodine with 75% alcohol. Or sterilize with 1% (effective iodine) iodophor for 2-3 times without deiodination.


6.The surgical field skin disinfection range includes a 15 cm area around the surgical incision. If the surgery has the possibility of prolonging the incision, the skin disinfection range should be expanded accordingly. After the first time the disinfectant has dried, the second disinfection is carried out in the same manner.


Head surgery skin disinfection range: head and forehead.

Neck surgery skin disinfection range: upper to lower lip, down to the nipple, both sides to the front of the trapezius.


Chest surgery skin disinfection range: (lateral position) before and after the midline, up to the collarbone and upper arm 1 / 3, under the cost of the rib.

Upper abdominal surgery skin disinfection range: up to the nipple, down to the pubic symphysis, both sides to the midline.


Surgical skin disinfection range of the groin and scrotum: up to the navel line, down to the upper third of the thigh, both sides to the midline.

Perineal surgery skin disinfection range: pubic symphysis, around the anus and hip, 1 / 3 inside the thigh. Range of skin disinfection for limb surgery: disinfection in the circumference, more than one joint above and below.


7.Precautions Surgical area disinfection is performed after the assistant's hand and arm are disinfected (surgical hand washing), before the surgical gown and gloves are worn. After the first time the disinfectant has dried, the second disinfection is carried out in the same manner. Medicine that has been in contact with contaminated areas

Liquid gauze should not be returned to the clean place. When using iodine disinfection, the iodine solution must be dehydrated with 75% alcohol. The hand should not touch the surgical disinfection area and strictly follow the aseptic operation principle.


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