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Application of Nonwoven Materials in Medical Field - Operating Room Supplies(A)

Dec. 21, 2018

1.About medical and health textile

Medical and health textile can be divided into medical and health products.This article mainly introduces the medical category.

Medical textile

Medical textile is a textile product characterized by medical application and based on fiber and fabric.There are four main categories:

(1) implanted products;Such as sutures, artificial blood vessels and artificial joints;

(2) non-implantable products;Such as bandages, gauze, etc.

(3) functional products;Such as artificial kidney, artificial lung and other artificial organs;

(4) health care products: such as surgical pack, surgical drape, surgical gown, surgical cover, isolation gown, bed supplies, patient gown, protective gown.

Implantable and functional products are the market of medical textiles, involving the high-tech fields of textile, biomedicine, chemistry, electronics and electrics.The company mainly produces non-implantable and health care products in China, such as major manufacturers cummins and maidepp.

Medical textile requirements: must be non-toxic, no allergy, no carcinogenicity, in the disinfection of chemical and synthetic fibers, as well as biodegradable fibers and functional fibers.

Textile materials for medical and health care

Medical and health textiles mainly use common textiles, non-woven fabrics, knitwear, woven fabrics and composite materials. With the improvement of application requirements and technical progress, the range of non-woven fabrics used in medical and health supplies has increased rapidly in recent years, and there is a tendency to replace traditional textiles.

Nonwoven materials are characterized by softness, dust-free and short nap shedding, high filtration of bacteria and dust, low surgical infection rate, convenient disinfection and sterilization, and easy to compound with other materials.

Studies at home and abroad have shown that dust, falling short pile and shielding of fabrics used in the operating room are a major factor of wound infection after surgery. As the amount of dust suspended in the air of the operating room with non-woven materials can be reduced by 43% and the number of bacterial penetration is 0, the incidence of wound infection rate and sepsis can be reduced by 3 times.Therefore, the wide application of non-woven medical materials has very high economic and social benefits.

Non-woven materials used for medical and health supplies mainly include chemical bonding, thermal bonding (hot rolling and hot air), water spines, air netting, spunbond, SMS, laminated non-woven fabrics and flash evaporation, etc.

Evolution of the application of nonwoven medical and health materials: chemical adhesion -- thermal adhesion (hot rolling and hot air) -- spinning-adhesion -- spines -- SMS -- flash steaming -- electrostatic spinning.The most widely used are spines and SMS composite nonwoven materials.

Introduction to non-woven materials for medical and health care

Due to the variety of non-woven materials used in medical and health supplies, we only introduce the varieties with larger dosage.

1)spunlace nonwoven material

spunlace nonwoven technology, also known as jet mesh nonwoven technology and hydraulic entanglement nonwoven technology, is one of the many nonwoven process methods.It is a young nonwoven technology developed on the basis of jet finishing technology.

Spunlace nonwoven technology is a new frontier science formed by the integration of CAD/CAM technology, information technology and new material technology with the theory and basic knowledge of modern physics, chemistry and other disciplines. It is the fastest developing process method in the field of nonwoven materials.

As spunlace nonwoven products have unique performance advantages over other nonwoven products in softness, breathability, hygiene, good adsorption and other aspects, they are widely used in medical treatment, hygiene, clothing, light industry, electronics, environmental protection and daily life and other fields.According to the data, at present, 60% of the world's non-woven materials are used for medical and health care, 20% for household use and all kinds of cloth wipe, 15% for synthetic leather base cloth, 5% for industrial and other purposes.

In the early stage, the technology of spunking mainly focused on the production of disposable general medical and sanitary materials. Now, it has gradually developed to the production of wood pulp composite, chitin, bleached cotton and other functional materials and high-grade products.


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