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Application And Characteristics of Single-Use Compound Operation In Operating Room

Jul. 17, 2021

It makes surgery safer

Why use single-use surgical pad - nosocomial infection

Nosocomial infections (nosocomial) occur in 2 to 3 million patients each year and result in 88, 000 deaths per year

It costs $4.5 billion a year to treat nosocomial infections

Composition of nosocomial infections (CDC 1990-1996)

Nosocomial infection


Average increase in length of stay

Average increase in treatment costs  $













Blood infection








SSI adds a lot to health care costs

According to the CDC, the increase in medical costs may be due to:

1. Longer hospital stays

2. Re-hospitalization

3. Re-surgery

4. Antibiotic use

5. Critical care

The bacterial origin of SSI

Air is 5%

Equipment 10%

Medical staff 35%

50% of patients with


How to avoid SSI?

1. Sterilization of surgical instruments

2. Isolation gown

3. Sterilization surgical drapes

4. Disinfect skin and control bacterial colonies

The role of operation laying

1. The isolation

2. Water barrier

3. Sterile area

4. Sterile surfaces

5. Equipment

6. Liquid control


Isolate sterile areas from known contaminated areas during sterile or non-sterile operations

1. Foul to clean

In the groin


2. The equipment

A tourniquet

The cuff of the blood pressure monitor

Sterile area

Sterile laying can isolate the surgical area from the surrounding non-sterile area to form a sterile area

A sterile area must be: sterile, created by aseptic techniques

Sterile surface

It is not possible to sterilize the skin and we apply a sterile film with a stickiness to the skin to create a sterile surface on and around the incision

Fluid control (blood control)

Use waterproof materials to accumulate liquids (high quality effluent bags)

1. Keep patient dry

2. Prevent body fluid from affecting the adhesion of electrode plate and electrode

3. Preventing occupational exposure of medical staff

4. Reduce potential cross-infection between patients

5. Reduce cleaning time


Sterile sheets are used to isolate the surgical area from non-sterile equipment

X-ray machines, displays, image intensifiers, cameras, management equipment and pipes

Surgical paving materials

1. Traditional woven material (cotton) -- Reuse

2. Nonwovens (composite material (PE+100% impregnated non-woven, spunlaced non-woven,SMS non-woven,) disposable medical pressure-sensitive tape, collection bag, shape strip, etc

Comparison of materials

Traditional cotton

Nonwovens (SPunlaced non-woven SMS non-woven)

Composite nonwoven sheet (100% PE film + impregnated nonwoven)

Material is not dense enough, no good filter, can not filter bacteria

High isolation performance, effectively prevent microbial invasion

High isolation performance, effectively prevent microbial invasion, and bring comfort to the surgical patients

There is no liquid barrier function, can not prevent patients blood and other dangerous medical personnel carrying bacteria

With strong waterproof performance, prevent liquid infiltration

PE layer and water, bacteria isolation, prevent liquid infiltration, backflow to the wound. At the same time, the sterilized impregnated non-woven fabric has a strong water absorption of 8 times its own weight, which can absorb bleeding during the operation and avoid cross infection.

Shedding hair and fibers, increasing the risk of infection

The material is dense and rarely falls off

The material is dense and rarely falls off. The material has environmental protection, reaching the European CE13795 standard

The characteristics of an important accessory (pressure-sensitive tape) in surgical laying

1. Adhesive to all kinds of materials

2. Only use the hand or finger to pressure the application, easy and quick to use

3. No water, solvent or heating process, odorless and tasteless

4. Do not pollute the surface of the adhesive material

5. It can be die-cut into various shapes

Sterilization safety of single - time compound operation sheet

Due to the characteristics of its material, the compound surgical sheet:

1.100%PE +100% VISCOSE

2. The material can kill a large amount of bacteria in the product under GAMMA sterilization (safe + easy to use + no damage to human body)

3. Comply with EN13795-3.


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