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Antiseptic Dressing Towel For Orthopedic Surgery

Apr. 13, 2019

skin degerming 

First:Preoperative skin preparation

second: Skin disinfection method

third:Scope of skin disinfection for each site

fourth:Precautions for disinfection

Preoperative skin preparation

Hair is usually removed from the surgical area within a short time before surgery or 1 day before surgery, and the surgical site is cleaned with clean water (ethanol wipe).

Skin disinfection method

Iodide disinfection:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Soak 0.5% iodov with gauze, wipe the skin of the operation area twice, wait for drying, then wipe the iodov foam on the skin with dry gauze, and wipe with 75% alcohol gauze once before peeling

Scope of skin disinfection for each site

Antiseptic dressing towel for orthopedic surgery

Shoulder and limb surgery

Antiseptic dressing towel for orthopedic surgery

Precautions for disinfection

1. The scope of skin disinfection should be larger than the scope of the surgical area, including the 15-20cm area around the incision

2. Disinfect the skin from the incision.Extend to need disinfection limits step by step again, should avoid aimless back-and-forth wipe.Sterile gauze that has come into contact with the edges should not return to the center for application.

3. When the infection site is disinfected, it is carried out from the periphery to the center.

Precautions for disinfection   

4. When skin disinfection is carried out, please note that your hands should not collide with the patient's skin. After disinfection, your hands should be disinfected again to ensure sterility

5.When the lumbar spine is disinfected, the direction of disinfection is from the head to the buttocks

6. When operating near the perineum, attention should be paid to protecting the perineum during disinfection 

Antiseptic dressing towel for orthopedic surgery  

7. Upper limb surgery, can support elbow or upper arm, can also hold a finger.The hand, forearm and upper arm were disinfected first, then the undisinfected part was held up by the assistant with sterile cloth sheet, and then the skin was disinfected

8. For lower limb surgery, the ankle can be suspended on the infusion rack or the leg bracket by lifting the foot or bandage. After disinfecting the skin of the foot, calf and thigh, the undisinfected part can be lifted by the assistant with a sterile single, and then the skin can be disinfected

Spread sterile surgical towels

first:Upper limb surgery with draping

second:Lower limb surgery draping

third:Posterior spinal surgery is done by draping

Upper limb surgery with draping

1.Hand and wrist surgery

2.The forearm surgery

3.Anterolateral upper arm surgery

4.Anterior shoulder surgery

Hand and wrist surgery

The patient lies on the back, with the upper limb of the affected side extended on a table beside the operating table.

1. First, spread a double layer of middle sheet from the back of the shoulder and the side wall of the chest on the small table next to the operating table, from one side of the small table.

Antiseptic dressing towel for orthopedic surgery

2. Hold the wrist of the affected limb with one hand (the folded therapeutic towel is placed on the mat) by the surgeon (who has put on the operating gown and put on the gloves), wrap the affected limb with the therapeutic towel for 2-3 weeks, and fix it with forceps

Antiseptic dressing towel for orthopedic surgery


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