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All Sorts of Operation Place Disinfection And Spread Sheet Method

Dec. 27, 2018

1 scope of disinfection

(1) anterior cervical surgery: upper to lower lip, lower to nipple, and both sides to the anterior trapezius muscle.

(2) cervical spine surgery: the upper to the top of the skull, the lower to the two axillary line, such as ilium, the upper to the top of the skull to the upper thigh 1/3, both sides to the midaxillary line.

(3) thoracic surgery: (a) lateral position: front and back across the midline, up to the shoulder and upper arm 1/3, lower through the costal margin, including the ipsilateral armpit.(b) supine position: anterior and posterior axillary midline, upper clavicle and upper arm, and parallel line below umbilicus.

(4) radical mastectomy: anterior to contralateral clavicle midline, posterior to axillary posterior line, upper clavicle and upper arm, and lower umbilical parallel line.

(5) upper abdominal surgery: upper to nipple, lower to pubic symphysis, both sides to the midaxillary line.

(6) operation on the lower abdomen: from the upper xiphoid process to the upper 1/3 thigh, from both sides to the midaxillary line.

(7) operation on the groin femoral region and scrotum: parallel line from the upper umbilicus, upper 1/3 thigh, and middle axillary line from both sides.

(8) thoracic spine surgery: upper to shoulder, lower to iliac crest line, and middle axillary line on both sides.

(9) lumbar spine surgery: connecting the upper and lower armpits, the lower and lower buttocks, and the two sides to the midaxillary line.

(10) kidney surgery: anterior and posterior axillary midline, up to the axilla, down to the groin.

(11) perineal surgery: pubic symphysis, anus and the buttock, 1/3 of the inner thigh.

(12) hip surgery: anterior and posterior midline, upper xiphoid process, lower knee joint, surrounding disinfection.

(13) limb surgery: surrounding disinfection, above and below each more than one joint.

(14) head surgery: head and forehead.

2With sterile towels: the purpose of placing sterile towels in the surgical field is to prevent bacteria from entering the incision. Therefore, five sterile towels should be kept dry.

(1) thyroid surgery:

(a) compromise a single block, spread on the head, under the shoulder, the mobile nurse to help patients raise their heads, on the tray rack;

(b) a single block in the middle is horizontally spread on the chest;

(c) knead the two therapeutic towels into a ball shape and fill the gap on both sides of the neck;

(d) lay the treatment towel 4 times faster and the upper and lower single-berth collar single piece, hold the cloth on both sides with the assistant and fix it in the patient's lower jaw, the traveling nurse will tie the belt behind the ear, and cover the tray above the face with valvate;

(e) cover 2 pieces of large single sheets and hole towels, and spread a single piece of compromise on the tray.

(2) limb surgery:

(a) 1 piece of tablecloth was placed under the limb of the operative side;

(b) fold 1 piece of treatment towel in half, from the top to the surrounding or the root of the thigh and tourniquet, and fix it with cloth towel forceps;

(c) one large single piece, covering the table surface;

(d) fold into a single piece, wrap the end of the limb at the side of the operation, and fix it with sterile bandage;

(e) one large single piece, covering the upper body and head frame, and fixing the connection of two large single pieces with two cloth towel pliers;

(f) lay a single piece in the air, and the limb on the operative side comes out from the air.

(3) radical mastectomy :

(a) 1 piece of compromise sheet was spread under the chest wall and under the shoulder;

(b) 1 piece of tablecloth, horizontally spread under armpit and upper limbs;

(c) a large single piece is spread on the tablecloth surface;

(d) fold 1 piece into a single piece, wrap the forearm and bandage it for fixation;

(e) 5 pieces of treatment towel, 5 pieces of cloth towel forceps were fixed around the incision of cross-dressing;

(f) 2 large single pieces, covering the upper part of the body upward, the head frame downward, covering the ribs below the edge, the tray and the lower limbs downward;

(g) hole paving sheet, 1 piece of compromise sheet on the pallet;

(h) a single piece was placed horizontally on the side of the surgical head frame, and 2 pairs of cloth towel forceps were used to fix the head frame and infusion fluid to form a sterile barrier.Put another sterile towel on it.If skin grafting is needed, the thigh skin donor area should be disinfected first.

(3) head surgery:

(a) one piece of compromise sheet was spread on the head and the lower part of the neck, and the visiting nurse assisted the patient to look up;

(b) four pieces of therapeutic towels were placed around the incision;

(c) one piece of middle order is converted into one piece,1/3 of which is placed on the chest tray rack, and the itinerant nurse places the tray on the middle order and covers the tray with the outer cover of 2/3 cloth sheet;

(d) spread 2 pieces of large sheets, cover the head, chest tray and upper body, and fix the cloth sheet at the joint with 2 towel tongs;

(e) lay a single hole to expose the surgical site;

(f) fold 1 piece of treatment towel in half, and fix 2 tissue towels on the cloth sheet under the tray and between the incision to form the instrument bag.


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