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A Dressing For A Disposable Package Used In Surgery

Jan. 26, 2022

There is often surplus, and its dressings have

We lay the -+ end of the inner wrapping paper flat on the head ring or headrest and hang the other end down

No hair, water resistance, bacteria resistance, leakage, prevent the advantages of cross infection, while its - mask

Come, after disinfection with sterile cloth dressings - placed in the brain washbasin

There is no immersion waterproof, one side has the characteristics of adsorption of water, liquid, blood, therefore, undergraduate

So that the intraoperative rinse water and blood flow into the washbasin along with sterile dressing, to avoid the cause of

The effect has been achieved by reusing dressings from disposable surgical pack during 

The overhanging dressing sows and contaminates the operating table and floor, easing the nurse's post-operative finishing work

One - to the recognition of general nurses. The usage of various materials of disposable surgery pack is introduced as follows

The amount


Application in common upper limb surgery: the affected limb is placed on the upper limb operating table for elimination

Application of wrapping paper of disposable operation bag in operation

Toxic, easy to cause disinfectant residue on the operating table, not easy to clean. The preoperative preparation of internal

Application of hand and lower limb trauma surgery: During debridement of trauma surgery,

The paper was laid flat on the operating table, and the suction side was upward. Preoperative disinfection was carried out according to the routine

The inner wrapping paper is large and waterproof, and the waterproof surface of the inner wrapping paper is upward. The operation can be carried out by spreading sterile cloth directly after the one-end level is completed. The operating table should be clean, dry and free

Press under the surgical mattress and cover the sink of the debridement truck with the wrapper in the water

Traces of disinfectant.

A groove is formed in the center of the groove, so that the sewage can flow into the groove along the inner wrapping paper.

- Application of medium and wide mouth single in secondary operation kit in Caesarean operation

Avoid sewage pollution operation bed, ground and debridement vehicle, debridement directly wrapped paper

In caesarean operation, because the water after the amniotic fluid and blood will flow out of the vagina, often bed

Wrapped and discarded, it is unnecessary to clean the debridement car, so that the debridement car can be prevented in multiple uses

The pads and sheets were wet and difficult to clean, which also delayed the operation. We will be

Cross - infected 8.

The middle sheet and the wide mouth sheet are cut out according to the size of the operating table, and are directly placed on the operating table

Application in craniocerebral operation: in craniocerebral operation, due to the need for a large amount of physiological saline

Instead of the previous cloth sheets, disposable drapes are directly discarded after surgery to make the mattress surface

Blood clots often flood the mattress, head ring, head rack and floor with water and blood.

Keep clean, dry and free of blood. It saves time and effort and also saves cloth sheets

Cost of cleaning and disinfection.


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