• Medical Shoes Covers

  • Medical Shoes Covers

  • Medical Shoes Covers

  • Medical Shoes Covers

Medical Shoes Covers

Matters needing attention:

1. Do not get close to high temperature, hot or corrosive objects.

2. Do not approach open flames.

3. No rain and sun exposure.

4. This product is a disposable item, and it is forbidden to use it again.

5. Do not use if any damage is found.

6. Dispose of them after use. Do not discard them at will.


Product Details


1. Barrier protection

Non-woven cloth covered with breathable film, suitable material, with sufficient strength and barrier performance.

2. Double elastic design

Moderate tightness, suitable for all types of body needs, easy to wear.

3. Seal the rubber strip

Using rubber strip heating seal, sealing the eye of the needle to strengthen sealing, strong barrier.

Medical Shoes Covers


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