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Product Details

Disposable protective isolation mask: It can be used to protect the face and prevent viruses from entering the eyes through flying dust and saliva. Daily protection, anti-fog, anti-fog, kitchen oil-proof, splash-proof, and isolation.

Features: 180 ° isolation protection, double-sided anti-fog, soft head, protective film, anti-scratch

Advantages: 1.180 ° large range, all-round isolation, protection, splash-proof

2. Elastic elastic band with sponge head protector, comfortable head does not prevent wearing glasses

3. There is a sponge on the forehead, and the soft sponge fits, so it will not be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

4. The thickness of the sponge leaves enough space for the face and does not prevent wearing glasses

5. Elastic and strong elastic rope, not painful to wear for a long time

6. High light transmission PET material Anti-fog and anti-sputtering, "zero obstruction" of sight

7. The surface is covered with a protective film, which is anti-scratch and anti-stain to ensure the use of light transmission (please tear the film before use)


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