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"Warm winter with love" series activities

Feb. 15, 2022

In order to further promote the traditional virtue of respecting and loving the elderly, so that the elderly people in the nursing home can enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, on January 26, Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., LTD sales director Cheng Jia came to Yangqiao Town nursing home, to carry out the 2022 Spring Festival visit and condolence activities.

"Warm winter with love" series activities

During the event, MedPurest donated 20,000 yuan to the nursing home. On behalf of the elderly, the head of the nursing home accepted the donation from MedPurest and expressed his gratitude and respect for midus's kindness. Cheng talked with the elderly face to face, listened to the living conditions of the elderly in the nursing home, and extended New Year's greetings to them.

Mr. Cheng said that respecting, loving and helping the elderly is the responsibility and obligation of each of us. MedPurest will continue to carry out the activities of respecting and loving the elderly in the future, do a good job in public welfare and assume due social responsibilities.

At the age of cold season to see the truth, winter sympathy warm people. In order to care for the company's front-line workers, Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., LTD. Party branch carried out the "love warm winter, love with" front-line staff activities.

"Warm winter with love" series activities

A total of 3 needy employees were visited in this activity. On the day of the activity, the party branch of the company had a cordial talk with the employees in difficulties, asking in detail about the living conditions and difficulties faced by each employee in difficulties, encouraging them to build up confidence, keep a positive and positive attitude, and sent them 2000 yuan of condolence money on the spot.

In the future, MedPurest will also regularly learn about the life and work of the employees in need, strengthen the efforts to help them solve their problems in time, so that the employees can truly feel the care of the Party branch of the Group and the warmth of their "mother family".


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