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The Team Building Activity of Medpurest Employees Was Successfully Held

Apr. 14, 2021

The Team Building Activity of Medpurest Employees Was Successfully Held

It's another good time when spring comes. In order to strengthen team building, improve the core cohesion of the team, cultivate the team spirit of the employees who are not afraid of difficulties and dedication, and create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility and happiness. On April 10th, some employees of Anhui Medpurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd. walked into Zhanghu National Customs Park in Wangjiang County. While experiencing the wonderful nature, they carried out a team building activity with the theme of "Ice Breaking, Fusion and Win-win".

The Team Building Activity of Medpurest Employees Was Successfully Held

The morning breeze is refreshing. With excitement and anticipation, the employees, under the leadership of the leaders, arrived at the destination-Zhanghu Ethnic Customs Park at 10 o'clock in the morning. The Customs Park is located in the Hui Village, which is not only rich in ethnic customs and pastoral scenery. Beautiful, the red history is bright and long. In the Battle of Crossing the Yangtze River in 1949, the Hui people actively supported the army. 127 Hui boatmen formed the "Hui People Crossing the River Commando", which made outstanding contributions to the victory of the People's Liberation Army crossing the Yangtze River. The fifth corps of the Second Field Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army awarded " One side of the "Heroes of Islam" pennant (the pennant is collected in the Central Museum of History), and a "Glorious Certificate of Crossing the River Boatman" was issued to each boatman. Under the leadership of a local guide, we visited the Hui Village, the Memorial Hall of the Battle of Crossing the River, and the Aircraft Wreckage Hall. After the visit, the employees were full of pride and fighting spirit. They sang red songs with full and passionate enthusiasm, read the party oath, and jointly blessed the motherland's prosperity and the company's development and growth. Colleagues have expressed that this party building education activity is very meaningful. It has relived the revolutionary journey of the past years and is a process of spiritual washing and spiritual sublimation.

The Team Building Activity of Medpurest Employees Was Successfully Held

Afterwards, the employees lined up and walked to the activity base of this team expansion. First, the game "Peach Blossom Blossom" officially kicked off the expansion activity. By encouraging and relaxing each other, everyone quickly got rid of the strangeness between each other. , Narrowed the distance, hahaha became a group, cooperated with the coach to complete the prelude to icebreaking. Since then, the bridge of friendship and the tacit understanding of the team have taken root in everyone's hearts. Then, according to the coach’s guidance, the company divided the personnel into two teams and selected the captain. Activities such as team naming, team flag making, team song singing, and team modeling research were carried out, fully demonstrating the staff’s experience. Creativity and passion, gathering the wisdom of everyone, condensing the sense of innovation, showing a positive team style. The last two teams PK through 4 expansion competitions. Everyone catches up with me and you help me pull. There are competitions between teams and close cooperation between small teams. During the event, each group carefully analyzes the team. The strengths and weaknesses of each member of the group, for the sake of collective honor, brainstorming, careful arrangements, and feeling the charm of teamwork in cheers and applause.

The Team Building Activity of Medpurest Employees Was Successfully Held

A person can go very fast, but a group of people can go further. This theme team building activity allowed all employees to understand the success and joy brought by "cooperation, dedication, and courage", gain confidence, courage and friendship, deepen each employee's understanding of responsibility, responsibility, and gratitude, and enhance the company The spirit of teamwork allows employees to devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm while relaxing and cultivating sentiments.

The Team Building Activity of Medpurest Employees Was Successfully Held


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